March 2, 2012

Using Media To Empower or Destroy Minds w/ R Lee Gordon

Last night we discussed the passing of Andrew Breitbart and how he used media to make an impact, albeit a negative, the body politic. Tonight we will be joined by Mr. R. Lee Gordon of National Black Teen Empowerment to discuss using media to make a positive impact on the lives of teens and their parents. We will also discuss the latest news on the controversy surrounding rapper Too $hort XXL's video encouraging young men to be sexually agressive towards females. Too $Hort is now saying that the video was taken out of context. In addition, their is an interview Too $hort did in February that has not recieved the attention the XXL video garnered. In this article he discusses something we have discussed several times on the program and that is how the recording industry suppressed conscious music and was only interested in green lighting so-called "Gangsta Rap" and rap heavy on Misogny which he made a career on. Stay tuned for the News Briefs segment for a discussion on the top political and social news stories from a Black perspective after our interview.

March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart, lying racist scumbag dead at 43

Conservitive blogger, video editor and all around lying scum Andrew Breitbart died just after midnight last night according to reports and the cause of death is a mystery. Reports have ranged from an enlarged heart to unspecified heart problems. The coroner has yet to issue a report for the exact cause of death. From conservative rags to so-called liberal outlets like the New York Times, many are trying to gloss over the fact the Breitbart was a racist and aliar who used manipulated and staged videos to attack political enemies on the left including voter registration groups like ACORN and his edited video of a Shirley Sherrod speech directly led to her being fired by the Obama administration.

Tonight I am joined by Marty Owings a former Blog Talk Radio host who now is a reporter and livestream host for the independent news organization Minnesota Capitol News. Minnesota Capitol News is a non-partisan, independent site devoted to news, information and commentary on issues from the State Capitol and politics throughout Minnesota.

February 29, 2012

Ending the Drug War w/ Jay Fleming

Tonight on LEAP DAY we ending the Drug War with former undercover narcotics officer Jay Fleming. After the "war on drugs" was declared, this dedicated law enforcer enlisted to make drug buys for the police department in his hometown of Spokane, Washington. Over the next 15 years, Jay fought against the burgeoning drug trade in various capacities. He trained undercover narcotics officers in Spokane and hired out to other departments across the Northwest, conducting long-term undercover investigations of murder, drugs and money laundering.

Whitney Houston, The Black Community & Addiction

Joining me tonight is Mr. Mo Kelly of The Mo Kelly Report. Mr. Kelly writes in his article "Can we finally address the issue of substance abuse, or is it still “too soon? Keep in mind, this is not just a “Whitney death” issue, it was a Michael Jackson issue. We can run the list. David Ruffin. Rick James, Teena Marie. And yes, it was a Vesta Williams issue too."

Stay tuned for the News Briefs segment for a discussion on the top political and social news stories from a Black perspective after our interview.

February 28, 2012

Will the NFL/49ers move decimate jobs & Black Future Month

Joining me tonight is Mr. Allen Jones who recently wrote about the deal struck between the NFL, the San Fransico 49ers, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America to move the team from a predominately Black community to a new stadium in Santa Clara County. Mr. Allen says "Struggling Blacks everywhere should feel stabbed in the back by this possible move because that is what it is doing.". Allen is also working on an initiative called "Black Future Month".