October 13, 2012

The Community Food Initiative w/ Anisa Abd El Fattah

We are joined once again by human rights activist Anisa Abd el Fattah to discuss The Community Food Initiative which seeks to come up with solutions to end hunger in our communities. Of course I'll have to get her opinion on the corporate sponsored debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

Former Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul flat out said he is not endorsing Romney even though Romney is his party's selection. He also recently wrote an article about a bill to legalize marijuana and cites several reasons and why it must end including being racism among his points.

October 12, 2012

Political Prisoner Radio w/ Bro Jihad Abdulmumit

Tonight on Political Prisoner Radio we will speak with the Co-Chair of the National Jericho Movement Bro. Jihad Abdulmumit who is a former Black Panther Party member and spent 22 years behind bars for standing up in defense of the oppressed.

DOWNLOAD PODCAST   As Co-Chair of the Jericho Movement national organization, he is dedicated to the freedom of domestic Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War here in the United States and works to challenge other pressing issues such as mass incarceration, the Prison Industrial Complex, horrid prison conditions and lack of medical care provided to prisoners. Bro. Jihad is currently working to introduce the Jericho Movement organization to the Richmond, VA area on Oct 27, 2012.
 Featured Political Prisoner

Veronza Bowers Jr. is a former member of the Black Panther Party and joined as a young man after he was inspired to help address the social ills affecting many Black and poor people. He would later be framed for the killing of a U.S. Park Ranger. He has served far past his original sentence of 30 years making him one of the longest held political prisoners. It is possible he could have been released earlier but refuses to lie just to get out and therefore has maintained his innocence. Bro. Veronza told one supporter, "I have been here for 35 years. If the only way I can get out is to lie and say I am guilty, then my whole life is a sham. I will rot here in prison before I will do that."

Veronza Bowers, Jr. #35316-136 U.S. Penitentiary - Atlanta P.O. Box 150160 Atlanta, GA 30315

October 10, 2012

Student Debt Crisis & The Fascist Racist Pigs of New York

Tonight I will talk to Robert Applebaum the Co-Founder & Executive Director of StudentDebtCrisis.org. We will discuss some of the things they have going on this week and discuss some of the issues and possible solutions to the crippling debt crisis facing students.


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Chief Raymond Kelley are on the defensive about their racist Gestapo police tactics and efforts to provide oversight of the out control NYPD. Audio of a teenage being harassed and threaten by punk cops may be the only audio of a Stop & Frisk stop. A few good cops come forward, albeit with their identities protected who spill the beans on how fascist and anti-liberty the NYPD leadership and that of Mayor Bloomberg is.

Republican Charlie Fuqua thinks parents should go Biblical on unruly kids and stone them. This is the same guy who thinks slavery was a good thing.

October 9, 2012

The Great Christopher Columbus, Death Race NYPD

Unfortunately I have a lot of cop watch news to report. NYPD purposely run over a man, kill him and then sent his mother a bill for the damage to the car and that is not all.


A quick search revealed that cops are known to run people over as if they are in a Death Race match to see how many people they can run over and kill.

Today is Columbus Day and thousands turned out to celebrate a mass murdering rapist. If you throw out revisionist history, what was his great accomplishment?

Will share a lecture from Dr. John Henrik Clarke on Columbus and the African Holocaust.