February 13, 2015

Rodney Reed death row innocence, Vince Vaughn racist thoughts on Affirmative Action

Today during the first hour we will be joined by Mark Clements, a member of the board of directors and a staffer at Campaign To End The Death Penalty. Mr. Clements has experienced incredible hardship as a wrongfully convicted teen who was tortured into confessing by Chicago police to an arson fire that resulted in fatalities. Mr. Clements will discuss the latest news involving wrongfully convicted death row inmate Rodney Reed who has spent over 17 years on death row in Texas. Texas is known for all the death row executions is has committed over the decades leading the nation. We will also ask Mr. Clements, who still lives and works in Chicago, about the killing of 17-year-old black teen Laquan McDonald by Chicago police who shot the teen 16 times but lied in press statements about only shooting him once in the chest.

In the news,

National Bar Association calls for justice in Martinsburg, WV police murder of Wayne Jones Equal 

Justice Initiative issues report on racist terrorism and lynching in the South, higher number than previously believed

Vince Vaughn makes racist statement related to Affirmative Action twisting the meaning of racism 

Did racists and bigots burn another mosque in Texas?

The case of the "New York Niggers" w/ Attorney Rachel Wolkenstein

Today political activist and attorney Rachel Wolkenstein will join us during the second hour to discuss the cases of two men, Corey Walker and co-defendant Lorenzo Johnson, dubbed the "New York Niggers" by the Dauphin County Drug Task Force. The Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General established this multi-jurisdictional Municipal Drug Task Force, which is funded by millions of dollars of federal and state taxpayer’s funds to pay for overtime to cops to wage war on Black communities under the guise of drug prohibition. According to Attorney Wolkenstein, "Corey Walker and co-defendant Lorenzo Johnson are two of the estimated 100,000 actually innocent men incarcerated in the United States. They are part of the generation of young Black men imprisoned in the “war on drugs” that led to the mass incarceration of some 2.3 million men and women, of whom 60% are Black or Hispanic”. In the news, Advocates for political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz have asked people to call prison officials who are denying him medical treatment for aggressive prostate cancer. Supporters of Israel are celebrating the death of Islamic State hostage Kayla Mueller who was said to be killed by a US airstrike on ISIL. Did Gastonia police in North Carolina have a “right” to break into 74-yr-old James Allen’s home and did Mr. Allen have a right to protect his home against any intruder, cop or otherwise?

February 10, 2015

Charlotte NAACP President Corrine Mack, Gastonia NC Cop kills elderly veteran

The wave of police shootings of civilians across the United States continue to plague Americans with a recent shooting hitting close to the home base of the Black Talk Radio Network in Gaston County, North Carolina. 74 yr-old James Allen, a US Army veteran was killed by a Gastonia Police officer helped by the fire department forcibly entered Mr. Allen's through a backdoor where the officer confronted Mr. Allen who was armed with a handgun reasonably and accurately believing someone had broken into his home. While in violation of now laws standing in his own home, the officer is said to have "ordered" Mr. Allen to drop his weapon and claimed the weapon was pointed at him at which point he shot and killed the veteran who was born in 1941 and would have been old enough to be drafted in Vietnam during the 1960s and 70s.

One Gaston County attorney says police have a right to break into people's homes and its completely legal and that you can not point guns at officers. The cover-up begins. 

Joining the broadcast during the second hour will be President Corrine Mack from the Charlotte Chapter of the NAACP, which is the oldest chapter in the state of North Carolina. President Mack took over the branch when Rev. Kojo Nantambu stepped down from his post on January 9, 2015 and former community affairs chair for the branch took over as President of the chapter that started in 1919. We will cover President Mack's priorities for the chapter, job discrimination and police brutality.

In the news,
  • Have you called Congress to demand they not interfere with the FCC enacted of Net Neutrality Rules governing the Internet.
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center has put Republican redneck whisperer Ben Carson on their Haters List that in the past has featured Klu Klux Klansman.
  • The White House is on the defensive from the Israeli Prime Minister who along with allies in the US Congress are intent on derailing peaceful negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.

Baltimore police “reforms”, Racism & Pharrell Williams and Affirmative Action in Alabama

Last week Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake proposed new measures that, she says are to combat police officer misconduct, which is part of a legislative agenda she has for Maryland’s General Assembly this year. The Mayor is calling for the assembly to consider three bills that would toughen penalties for police misconduct, increase oversight of the police department, and implement police body cams for officers.

“We’ll continue to stay focused on addressing the few bad apples whose unlawful action hurt not just the entire organization, but really the entire city,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake said.

 Late in 2014, the Mayor clashed with the Baltimore City Council and vowed to veto City Council legislation that would require city police officers to wear body cameras until she worked out legislation. According to a report by the Real News Network, “All sides agreed that officers should where cameras, but the mayor says she needs time to finalize her proposal around policy and implementation. Meanwhile, the City Law Department also opposes the measure, arguing it's illegal.”

During the second hour, Baltimore activists Ameejill Whitlock, Dayvon Love  and Tawanda Jones will join us to discuss the legislation being proposed by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Tawanda Jones has constantly been holding rallies against police terrorism since her brother Tyrone West was killed by law enforcement officers and Ameejill Whitlock is a long time youth advocate, human rights activist and the co-host/producer of Political Prisoner Radio heard Sunday nights on the Black Talk Radio Network. Dayvon Love is the Director of Research and Policy for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS).

In the news,
  • Mobile, Alabama city council member demands that company hires more “Blacks” or lose support for renewing city contracts.
  • Zach Braff, one the stars of the tv series “Scrubs” tweets racist photo of “New Black” singer, rapper and song writer Pharrell Williams.
  • Tear gas as thousands protest in Haiti
  • Congress attempts to push US into yet another foreign conflict as it passes legislation to send $350 Million in arms to Ukraine.