June 28, 2013

Taking down Trayvon Martin FB Hate page w/ Ife Johari & Sis Dez

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A group of Facebook users are outraged that a Facebook hate page was created called "RIP Trayvon Martin". The page featured derogatory photo-shopped images of the deceased teenager who was shot and killed last year by neighborhood vigilante George Zimmerman who is currently on trial facing second-degree murder charges.

Ife Johari and Sista Dez have been leading an effort to get the page taken down but now a second page has been created and Facebook has been slow to take it down despite thousands of complaints.

Johari writes in an Facebook event she created to take down the second page,

"The "person" has now created "RIP Trayvon Martin" part 2! THIS PAGE MAY BE WORSE THEN THE FIRST ONE! A message must be sent to Facebook from ALL OF US! We will NOT allow this! This could be picture of your MURDERED CHILD circulating and being photo-shopped all over Facebook!"

She asks that Facebook users and all their friends report the foul page. https://www.facebook.com/RIPTRAYTRAY2

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June 26, 2013

Zimmerman murder trial, Paula Deen's lynching and a Father's paternal rights

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The news and social media is buzzing about Zimmerman murder trial witness Rachel Jeantel who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin while he was being hunted by George Zimmerman and was the last person to speak to him except George Zimmerman. Another witness testified that it was a boy she heard crying for help which flies in the face of claims that George Zimmerman was the one heard crying out on the 911 tape recording. 

More allegations are surfacing about Paula Deen's racist treatment of Black people with employees alleging pay discrimination and that one cook was referred to as "my little monkey". Author Ann Rice stepped into the fray and claimed that Paula Deen was being "crucified" and "lynched" by a mob. 

The Supreme Court sent a parental rights case back to the lower courts in South Carolina involving a Cherokee father's quest to keep custody of his daughter after the mother, without his knowledge gave the little girl up for adoption to a non-Cherokee family who had the girl for 24 months.

June 24, 2013

Woman says law enforcement agency terrorizing her in Louisiana

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Hurricane Katrina evacuee Judy M. Smith says she is being terrorized and harassed by her white neighbors and the victim of "Law Enforcement Bias" by the Livingston Parish Sheriffs Department in Louisiana. She said her son was threatened with lynching and dead animals left under her porch and that someone got inside her trailer and tazed her dog. She also says that the Sheriffs department is refusing to allow her to make official reports about the harassment. She also says she was sexually assaulted and that the Sheriffs department is rewording her written statements she has given them to them to make her appear that she is crazy. She will give us a first hand account of her suffering.

The George Zimmerman murder trial started today with his defense attorney giving a knock-knock joke to the jury, which they did not find funny. His opening statement was full of lies and he blamed Trayvon Martin for getting killed for not going home but instead confronted Zimmerman who had to shoot him in self-defense. The prosecution gave an opening statement that was strong with statements of facts about Zimmerman calling Martin an f-king punk and expressed frustration that they always get away.

The United States is blaming China for not turning over Edward Snowden, even though the United States was engaged in spying on China. The corporate press has been attacking journalist Glen Greenwald for reporting the massive spying the US is engaged in and one of them asked Greenwald if he should be arrested for making the report. This is just more evidence that the corporate media is not about journalism and being the 4th pillar of Democracy but instead they are helping the US government do damage control and divert the public’s attention to focus on the whistle-blower and the reporter instead of focusing on the international crimes of the NSA and private contractors.
Question: Are you buying the government line that "terrorists" are changing the way they communicate because of Edward Snowden revealing that the US government is spying through Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Verizon and other electronic communications?

Bill Maher the political comedian is defending Paula Deen saying that racist people should not lose their cooking shows because they use the n-word. Black people were lining up to get into Deen's restaurant to show they "forgive" her.
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