June 15, 2013

The Week In Review & Open Lines

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Tonight is a review of the news of the past week and headlines or other stuff that caught my eye. Updates on what is going on with Black Talk Radio Network. A listener suggested I start a open line show were listeners can call in and report any news that has caught their attention or to share some of their experiences this week living behind enemy lines within the United Corporations of America.

Possible Topics

Whistle-blower Eric Snowden reveals massive spying on Americans through a program called Prism that can hack into email, social networks and grab cell phone data.

Another scandal emerges from the State Department where another whistle-blower Aurelia Fedenisn said investigation into serious crimes committed by State Department employees and private contractors working for the State Department. This all occurred during Hillary Clinton's watch and of course she is playing deaf, dumb and blind.

Guess what, COINTELPRO did not end after being exposed in the 1970's. The corporate media is failing to report that the US government is still paying journalist to plant stories as claimed by a FOIA lawsuit filed recently.

President has finally given in to the White Supremacist in the US government and the greedy capitalist who run the country in agreeing to arm the Syrian Rebels and cannibal terrorists. It is Iraq all over again with tales of chemical weapons.
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June 12, 2013

Why Low-Power FM Radio is not the answer for information empowerment in the Black community

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The "Color of Change" and other internet publications targeting the Black community have recently begun pushing people to get involved in Low-Power FM radio broadcasting as a means to empower the Black community and get around corporate media consolidation on the FM radio dial.

"This month, the FCC is expected to make applications for new community radio station licenses publicly available. The week of October 15, the FCC will open its very brief licensing window; we can help you make the most of the intervening months to prepare a solid application. Radio is a relatively inexpensive and highly effective way of reaching and forging connections within our local communities. Together, we have a rare and critical opportunity to massively expand Black radio ownership in this country, while bringing the work of our best community organizations to a whole new level." - Color of Change

As some of you may not know, the Black Talk Media Project is a North Carolina based non-profit new media organization. What you may not know is that it is the organization that manages the Black Talk Radio Network. Scotty Reid, the host of Black Talk Radio News has been broadcasting online since 2007 and is a producer/co-host of several other radio programs.

He first started in mass communications as a Communications Specialist in the United States Army and was part of the US Army's largest Signal Brigade (11th Signal Brigade, 86th Signal Battalion) which set up and operated the world's largest tactical communications network since WW II during Operation Desert Storm/Shield. He is also the founder and President of the Black Talk Media Project.

On tonight's program he will examine the claims of groups like "Color of Change" and give you a professional assessment on if Low Power FM Radio is all it is hyped up to be.
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June 10, 2013

Political agitation is about getting results not being polite

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In article came out today about the lesbian protester interrupting Michelle Obama at a Democratic fund raiser demanding that President Obama sign a executive order barring discrimination against gay people in the federal government. Some have viewed it as an racist attack, others, like myself view it as an effective means to an political end that has proven to be successful.

A mass protest occurred in Los Angles that has gotten little to no mainstream press coverage. The protesters were marching to bring awareness to police brutality and corruption within the police ranks and the complicity of the prosecutors. This is after the LAPD issues a press report and gets Connie Rice to sign off saying the Christopher Dorner deserved to be fired.

Rep. James Clyburn is the second Black person I have seen showcased in the media justifying the Obama Administration's continuation of massive spying on US citizens. However, Clyburn says the leaks are just to embarrass President Obama.

This news and more on Black Talk Radio News.

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