December 31, 2011

Freedom House: White Supremacy in Egypt

White Supremacist are covertly trying to influence the elections in Egypt. Unhappy that the Muslim Brotherhood, a political organization in Egypt that was banned by the U.S. supported dictator Mubarack, is making political gains, the U.S.A is up to usual tricks of interferring in a sovereign government's internal affairs. Three so-called democracy building NGO's supported directly by U.S. taxpayers funds, were raided today in an investigation of violations of Egyptian law that forbids foriegn money being used to influence elections. Lets take a look at these organizations and try to understand how global white supremacy is spread under the guise of freedom and democracy.

December 28, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ Stephen Downing

Stephen Downing began his twenty-year police career in a squad car and finished as a deputy chief of police. As Commander of the Bureau of Special Investigations at one point, the Administrative Narcotics Division was one of the divisions within his scope of authority. His vast experience in law enforcement has led him to the conclusion that the War on Drugs can never be worth the human and fiscal costs.

December 26, 2011

What do Ron Paul and Rev. Jeremiah Wright have in common?

Rep. Ron Paul who is leading Iowa polls in the GOP race for the presidential nomination, has right wing exteremist comparing his foreign policy views to those of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. For those who remember media coverage of Obama's first campaign for the Democratic nomination, will remember that Wright was used as weapon to attack President Obama who they say was mentored by Rev. Wright.

Why are Black Democrats afraid of Ron Paul?

Why are all these Writers for Obama attacking Ron Paul rehashing bullshit from 20 years ago? Paul is seeking the Republican nomination not the Democrat nomination which Obama has on lock. It seems to me that these uppity Negroes want Gingrich or Romney to get the GOP nomination? Why are they afraid if Ron Paul gets the nomination?

December 21, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ James Gray (LEAP)

Joining me tonight by way of Law Enforcement Against Prohibtion is James Gray. Judge James Gray authored Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed And What We Can Do About It: A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs. It was the culmination of his experience as a former federal prosecutor, defense attorney and trial judge. Those experiences convinced him that our nation's program of drug prohibition was not simply a failure, but a hopeless failure. Also visit Regulate Marijuana Like Wine.

December 14, 2011

Ending The Drug War w/ James Gierach

Joining me tonight by way of Law Enforcement Against Prohibtion is James Gierach (pronounced as ‘gear-ock’) who is a former Assistant State's Attorney of Cook County, municipal attorney, Village prosecutor, and general practitioner. He was the youngest delegate elected to write Illinois' Constitution in 1970, a former candidate for Cook County State's Attorney and Illinois governor, raising drug policy and prison issues. One newspaper called him, "Illinois' premier conscientious objector to the war on drugs."

Senator Carl Levin spills beans on Obama Regime

The days news and views. Main topic: We reported last week that a bill has worked its way through the U.S. Senate that would give the U.S military the power to detain American citizens without due process and access to the courts and they could hold citizens indefinitely. President Obama is on record saying he would veto the bill but that may be unlikely since his administration asked that citizens not be exempted according to Senator Carl Levin (D) Mich.

December 9, 2011

Obama administration self destructing & Hermain is one of us!

It seems like the administration of President Obama is self destructing from self inflicted wounds. Has there ever been an administration that has angered its base more? Herman Cain, who recently ended his run for the GOP nomination, appeared on Black Entertainment Television last night. That appearance has lead some Black people to proclaim, "he really is one of us!".

December 7, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ Michael Gilbert (LEAP)

Dr. Michael Gilbert has over 20 years of experience working in corrections and criminal justice as a manager, trainer, consultant, and researcher. That experience tells him, "Prohibition makes no sense as a drug-control policy."

While working in the penal system, Mike met many drug offenders who appeared to have led lives otherwise unblemished by crime. He began to see the harms caused by drug prohibition in a human context. He also encountered an increasing number of law-enforcement, judicial, and corrections officials who privately questioned the prohibition policies they were assigned to enforce. These "drug-warriors" doubted the foundations of the "War on Drugs," as well its effectiveness, morality, and ethics.

We will ask Dr. Gilbert what he thinks about the recent NY Times article that reveals how law enforcement officials who question drug policies are punished.

December 3, 2011

Uncle Sam wants to lock you up without trial indefinitely!

The U.S. Senate recently passed a bi-partisan bill that would allow U.S. citizens to be apprehended and lock up without trial indefinitely. Presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul (R) and his son Sen. Rand Paul (R) have strongly oppossed the bill saying “We are talking about people who are merely suspected of a crime, and we are talking about American citizens. If these provisions pass, we could see American citizens being sent to Guantánamo Bay.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) of California said "We are not a nation that locks up its citizens without charge, prosecution, and conviction" as she oppossed the bill during Senate debate. President Obama said he might veto the legislation which is contained in The National Defense Authorization Act.

Joining me tonight is Timothy Gatto a blogger and author the book From Complicity To Contempt and who recently wrote about bill S 1867 which he says "kills the Bill of Rights and declares war on the American people".

Timothy writes, "the most despicable and damaging piece of legislation ever passed was passed in the Senate late last night without hardly a whimper in the morning from the American mainstream press. Under the cover of darkness, the United States Senate virtually declared war on the people of this nation by passing the darkest piece of legislation ever passed in America.

December 2, 2011

Barack Obama is no Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr.

Today the unemployment rate dropped below 9% and the media is already crediting Obama and saying it will help his re-election efforts in 2012. Despite the Black unemployment rate which continues to be high and always has been and will be in the foreseeable future because of policies continued by the nation's first Black President that negatively impact Black people, despite high incarceration rates, despite higher than average foreclosure rates, most Black people will not hesitate to vote for Obama again without ever looking at another possible candidate. Some respected people in the anti-white supremacy community believe that Obama can do nothing to stop these polices or make life better for black people because white people won't let him and if he did he would be killed or his family would be harmed. If true, does that make Obama a coward?

November 23, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ Tony Ryan

"The War on Drugs is a disaster for law enforcement." - Tony Ryan 

Tony Ryan sacrificed to protect and to serve. In his more than 36 years of continuous service as a Denver police officer, he endured getting stabbed in the hand and in the back, broken bones in a hand and a foot, a head wound requiring 18 stitches, and a gunshot wound to the chest. He took all of this willingly, though, believing the work he did to be honorable. However, one part of policing under our current system that he feels dishonors the Thin Blue Line is the War on Drugs, which he labels a total failure costing billions of dollars while making the problem worse and enriching drug dealers. What he finds perhaps even more distressing is what America's failed prohibitionist policy does to law enforcement itself. Drug-enforcement activities are one of the highest sources of complaints against law enforcement. [The War on Drugs] costs officers lives and ruins careers through corruption and a myriad of other ills borne on drug-enforcement activity.

November 22, 2011

Occupying Hip Hop w/ Truth Minista Scott

Truth Minista Paul Scott of Militant Mind Militia joins us to discuss the movement to bring attention to the state of hip-hop and its corporate control. He recently penned an article at ALLHIPHOP.COM and posted a Youtube video about the subject.

November 19, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ John Amabile

John Amabile has years of experience in the drug war, from the perspectives of a prosecutor, a public defender, and now a private attorney. He was an Assistant Attorney General from 1982-1986 in the criminal Bureau of the Massachusetts Attorney General's office. After trying hundreds of cases in the state and federally, as well as on the county level, he now advocates for drug legalization and sees LEAP as an effective vehicle to begin the process of ending the drug war by educating the public. Read more about John at LEAP's website.

November 9, 2011

Ending The Drug War w/ Jason Thomas

“The drug war has not helped these people or their families; it has led to further incarceration, broken homes and economic instability.” - Jason Thomas

Jason Thomas served as a detention officer in a 125-bed county jail in Prowers County, Colorado and as a town marshal’s deputy in Holly, Colorado. Prior to taking on these roles, he had military and corporate sales experience, but he wanted to go into law enforcement to serve the needs of his community.

Growing up in California, Jason was always opposed to marijuana prohibition because it never made sense to him. But when he began working in law enforcement, he witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of drug arrests. “The drug war has not helped these people or their families; it has led to further incarceration, broken homes and economic instability,” he says.

The risk to law enforcement is another major reason why Jason opposes to the drug war. “If the current drug war ended,” he says, “law enforcement officers and agencies could devote those resources to other areas, like violent crime, which would serve the community better.” For Jason, reallocation of law enforcement resources to keep communities safer is the number-one reason he calls for an end to prohibition.

Jason has specific insight into the emerging legal cannabis industry in Colorado as owner of TBG Companies, Inc. (, a high-security transportation and chain-of-custody company for medical marijuana.

Jason is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Visit their website at Cops Say Legalize!

November 4, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ James Mooney

As co-founder of the Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC), James Mooney has several roles through which he attempts to correct some of the damage the war on drugs has perpetrated upon American families. In addition to his role as an American Native Elder Seminole Medicine Man, James serves as the director of the recidivism reduction ‘clergy’ program (Habilitative Programs) of ONAC.

 In James’s opinion, the war on drugs is presently the largest contributing factor to the disruption of the American family unit. James Mooney spent more than a decade in Utah State law enforcement and theState Department of Corrections, during which he was a zealous enforcer of the drug war. James joins the program on behalf of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Visit

October 28, 2011

International Law & The Overthrow of Col. Gaddafi

Dr. Curtis Doebbler joins Black Talk Radio to discuss the apparent violations of International Law by the Obama Administration and NATO forces.

Dr. Curtis F.J. Doebbler is an international human rights lawyer who since 1988 has been representing individuals before international human rights bodies in Africa, Europe, the Americas and before United Nations bodies.

He is known for his outspoken opposition to human rights violations by the U.S. government and his support of individuals in countries that have been subject to armed attacks by the United States. He has worked almost two decades in Africa, Asia and the Middle East teaching international human rights law and representing individuals in human rights cases.

October 26, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ Patrick Nightingale

As both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, Patrick has seen the devastating effect of mandatory minimum sentencing schemes where young people full of potential find themselves saddled with a felony narcotics trafficking conviction and warehoused in jail for selling a couple ofgrams of drugs, even with no prior criminal record. Patrick has personally witnessed the violentcriminal enterprises that have taken hold in Pittsburgh and elsewhere in order to claim their share ofthe enormous illicit profits generated by prohibition.

Patrick Nightingale is a former prosecutor and practicing criminal defense attorneyin Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding regions. Patrick spent six years with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office and was one of the founding members ofthe Domestic Violence Unit. Patrick’s tenure as a trial attorney brought him face toface with the casualties of the “War on Drugs” on a daily basis

Patrick joins the program on behalf of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Visit

October 20, 2011

Does "Smart Music" make listeners smarter?


Lak (which stands for Life and Knowledge) is a brilliant, versatile lyricist devoted to staking his claim on hip-hop and taking it to new and exciting levels. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, he began rhyming in the fourth grade. Growing up in the center of hip-hop’s golden era ofthe 1980s, when true lyricism dominated the airways, Lak was inspired by thelegends of that era – Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, KRS-One and EPMD.After listening to Lak flow, it’s easy to assess that he is the new version of an oldschool hip-hop tradition. He captures the heart of what hip-hop was built upon –realism and passion. 

Smart Music creates high-quality educational hip-hop music.  Their blend of educational lyrics and underground hip-hop beats makes learning fun, accessible and more modern for a new generation of young people who are drawn to real hip-hop music.  

Their new CD, Lesson One: Hip-Hop and Education, uses rap lyrics and today's hip-hop beats to teach students politics, African and African-American history and more. 

A true entertainer, Lak is known for his stage show that hypnotizes audiences with intense rhymes, ill metaphors and a rousing delivery. He was an on-air personality at Rutgers University’s WRSU-FM 88.7 where his nightly “Led-Lak Show” was voted the number one radio spot on campus, and he has performed in countless shows and rap battles and has appeared on numerous underground mixtapes. He has also been featured as a guest on several radio and television shows including CBS Radio and BET.

Lak earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a specialization in Africana Studies and Labor Studies from Rutgers University.

October 19, 2011

Keith King of LEAP talks Drug Prohibition empowering cartels

Keith King joins us for LEAP day! Keith was in law enforcement for 37 years. He got his start before the war on drugs began. He served in the United States Coast Guard for 24 years in various capacities including as a watch officer in Miami and at Coast Guardheadquarters in Washington, DC, retiring as commander. He also provided 13 years of service to the state of Hawaii, both in the judiciary and the enforcement branch of the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

“What we are doing is not working,” Keith says.“We’ve literally handed over control of the drug trade to cartels and organized crime. I’ve witnessed from the very first year of the  war on drugs that this approach has not worked. And as long as we keep doing the same thing the same way, we will continue to get the same results.

”Keith strongly disapproves of drug use but feels that regulation is the only way to control them. “The only marijuana I ever touched was samples of evidence in seizure cases,” he says, “but some sanity needs to get interjected here. To control this plague, we have to resort to legalization, regulation and taxation.”

U.S. Supreme Court closing doors on justice

Has the U.S. Supreme Court closed courthouse doors on legitimate civil and constitutional rights as well as government whistleblower claims? Black Talk Radio's Scotty Reid hosted a panel discussion on a shift in the courts that are leaning way from protecting civil liberties, constitutional rights and whistle-blower protections.


  • Dr. Stephanie Williams J.D, is as an international human rights law advocate, an independent consultant on human rights issues, and a global grassroots organizer-activist with more than fifteen years of experience in her field. She has assisted victims of rape, torture, botched honor killings, female genital mutilation, human trafficking, modern-day slavery, domestic violence, hate-crimes, child abuse, environmental injustice and repressive regimes. 
  • Mr. Tom Devine is Legal Director of Government Accountability Project (GAP). He has been with GAP since January 1979. Mr. Devine has been a leader in the campaigns to pass or defend 20 major national or international whistleblower laws, including every one enacted over the last two decades. These include the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 for federal employees; seven breakthrough laws since 2002 creating the right to jury trials for corporate whistleblowers; and new U.N., World Bank and African Development Bank policies legalizing public freedom of expression for their own whistleblowers.
  • Mrs. Zena Crenshaw-Logal is CEO for both Nat. Forum On Judicial Accountability and POPULAR, Inc. She serves on the Legal Advisory Board for "Fallout Shelter", a political action group, and the Managers' Board for OAK, a national coalition of grassroots advocates. Mrs. Crenshaw-Logal is author of “The Official End of Judicial Accountability Through Federal Rights Litigation: Ashcroft v. Iqbal”, 35:1 Am. J. Trial Advoc. (forthcoming 2011). The article is currently available at Bepress.
  • Professor Kylar W. Broadus serves on the Board of Directors for National Black Justice Coalition. He is an associate professor of business law at Lincoln University of Missouri, a historically black college where he serves as chair of the business department. Mr. Broadus has maintained a general practice of law in Columbia, Missouri since 1997. Formerly, Professor Broadus served as State Legislative Manager and Counsel at the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender advocacy group.


October 17, 2011

How do you get justice in an unjust system?

With so much corruption in the justice system, how does the average person find justice?

To discuss this problem Black Talk Radio's Scotty Reid welcomed three guest, all of whom have spents decades working within and against an unjustice and corrupt system.

Guest included:

  • Judge DeAnn Salcido (ret.) Judge DeAnnSalcido describes herself as "America's 1st Whistleblower Judge", having named names and filed proof of judges and deputy district attorneys "willfully failing to follow the law in Domestic Violence cases." She was appointed to the Superior Court of California in 2002 and retired in 2010 amid threats of discipline linked to her "no nonsense" courtroom demeanor. A favorite quote of Judge Salcido is "(w)ell behaved women seldom make history." And history she intends to make as founder of JAWS, the emerging "Judicial Action Watch Society."

  • Attorney Zena Crenshaw-Logal Attorney Zena Crenshaw-Logal worked as a civil trial attorney for more than a decade before becoming a full-time judicial reform activist in 1998. She co-founded and is Co-Administrator of NFOJA, "National Forum On Judicial Accountability." In that capacity, attorney Crenshaw-Logal authored the soon to be published law review entitled "The Official End of Judicial Accountability Through Federal Rights Litigation: Ashcroft v. Iqbal." She strives through NFOJA to get past debates on judicial integrity with workable solutions to help ensure America’s judiciary is unbiased, remains faithful to the Constitution, and follows the rule of law.

  • Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Matthew Fogg (ret.) Retired Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Matthew Fogg is nationally known as a civil rights law enforcement icon after winning a 1998, landmark $4-Million Title VII discrimination verdict in Fogg v US Department of Justice/US Marshals Service before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. A federal jury found the entire USMS guilty of operating a 'racial hostile environment' against all African American deputy U.S. marshals nationwide. In 2008, Mr. Fogg received the NAACP prestigious 'Barrier Breakers' award which states; "Americans who blazed paths for generations to follow", noting Mr. Fogg's valiant, maverick stand against all odds, behind the infamous blue-wall-of-silence inside the U.S. Marshal's Service.

Pastor Omar Wilkes Detroit Police says indictment of officer not enough

The shooting death of 7-yr-old Aiyana Jones seems to have faded from recent memory but a new development in the case was announced earlier this month on October 4. In a press release, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office announced that two people had been indicted in the case where 7-yr-old Aiyana was shot through the head when Detroit Police raided her home searching for murder suspects. Black Talk Radio spoke to Pastor Omar Wilkes, a New York City activist who helped organize a group and protest in Detroit shortly after the death of Aiyana Jones to get his reaction to the indictment.

Wilkes believes that the U.S. Justice Dept must investigate and that other officers were involved and should be charged.

August 2, 2011

Will Obama achieve Peace in the Middle East?

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Does Devonte Sanford need a new trial? The 16 yr old was convicted of a string of murders another prisoner has confessed to committing.

Kwame Kilpatrick released from prison after serving stint for a parole violation.

The mother of Devonte Sanford will be a guest on Black Talk Radio later this week.

George & Wes take the airwaves later tonight on

They host An Hour With Us at 6:00 Pm Est every Tuesday.

Israel Agrees to pre-1967 lines to negotiate land swaps with Palestinians in light of UN Nation Hood Vote Threat. What do you think has softened Israel’s position?

Do you believe the Norwegian Terrorist attacks played a role, the upcoming UN Vote on Palestinian Statehood made them change their demands, what about the legislation passed along with a two-stage debt ceiling increase, that may see the defense budget get 50% of its funding slashed which could impact the US military arms giveaway to both Israel and Egypt?


Reports of numerous attacks on Norwegian Muslims, possibly due to right wing media & bloggers blatantly false reports that Muslims were involved in the camp ground massacre and the bombing of a government building.

March 31, 2011

Libyan Conflict Gets More Complex and Ohio Republicans Now Attacking Union Collective Bargaining Rights

The international conflict in Libya just got a whole lot more complex as the Sudanese government is reportedly secretly providing use of its airspace to bomb Libya.

Is this payback to Gaddafi who had argued for immunity on the African continent for Sudanese President Bashir who has been accused of committing war crimes in his country against rebels. One Sudanese official is claiming that Gaddafi was supplying the rebels of southern and other regions of Sudan in their war against Bashir's government.

Also throwing out the question on why Geroge Bush is so hated in the Black community when he provided 18 billion dollars to Africa to fight against HIV/AIDS. Most of Gaddafis US supporters cite money provided to other African countries by Gaddafi as the basis of their support and Gaddafi was allied with Bush so why the hypocrisy?

Labor battle taking shape in Ohio as Republicans move on a bill seen as hostile to unions.

March 29, 2011

Analyzing the Libyan Uprising - Al Qeada or CIA Inspired?

President gave a speech to the American people saying that regime change is not the goal of the United States military action in Libya. Minister Louis Fharrakahn has said that the CIA is behind the uprising in defense of Libyan leader Gaddafi and heavily chatised President Obama's handling of the situation.

On the other hand Gaddafi has said that the West is not interested in seeing Libya fall into chaos and dismissed CIA plots against his government as being conspiracy fanaticism.

Scotty Reid talked to Mr. T West of Afrisynergy who issued a scathing rebuke of US agression against Gaddafi in a Youtube post. There are also some new developments in the case of Bobby Yates, a disabled Black man living in Texas who has been charged with felony sexual assualt on a child even though he lost his lower limbs and penis due to an hunting accident 20 years ago.

March 26, 2011

Bobby Yates, Victim of Texas Prosecutor's "Social Agenda" & "Untouchable" Black Leaders

According to legal analysts, Lamar County Prosecutor Gary Young is not unlike many prosecutors in America who care more about padding their records with convictions than they care about actual justice.

Further complicating the matter is that in many local governments, Prosecutors or District Attorneys clearly operate as political partisans when true justice is supposed to be blind and those ELECTED to postions in the justice system should be non-partisan. Prosecutor Gary Young, a Republican, clearly has a social agenda as evident in comments he made published in a Texas GOP Blog.

Wrongful Conviction advocate Nancy Lockhart has taken up the case of Bobby Yates and she believes that Yates is a victim of Young’s thirst for convictions which according to her has resulted in “wrongful convictions, excessive sentences, and alarming rates of juveniles tried as adults”. Bobby Yates is missing the lower part of his body, including his penis, which resulted from a hunting accident some twenty years ago.

Another interesting thing about the case is that it appears three white females (including the alleged 16 yr-old sexual assault victim), entered Mr. Yates home under false pretenses and it is Mr. Yates, who claims he was physically assaulted.

During the second part of the program, I will be asking the question about whether or not certain Black leaders are untouchable, off limits and above criticism and if the Black community is stagnant in certain areas because of the lack of will to hold these people accountable for their actions. I have received some, not a lot, but some pushback concerning my views on information about Libya disseminated by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and because I pointed out that it is Gaddafi who has sold out to America and Europe’s corporate and geopolitical interests in the world and in Africa.

March 22, 2011

Snoop Dogg Is A Paid Puppet To Push Poison Produced By His Malt Liquor Masters

Minista Paul of Militant Mind Militia and Paul Porter of Industry Ears were in the house to discuss yet another new malt liquor targeting the Black community.

The Wall Street Journal writes: " New owners of that malt-liquor brand, with the help of rapper Snoop Dogg, plan to unveil next month a label called Blast by Colt 45. The beverage will contain fruit flavors and 12% alcohol by volume, about twice the level of the original version of Colt 45."

Minista Paul and Paul Porter weighed in on the topic and both say that Snoop is pimping poison to the Black community. But more importantly they pointed out the men behind the malt, the company that is responsible for producing and targeting our communities and youth with this "fruity" malt liquor.

They both discussed why it is important to have for boots on the ground and people willing to move past the talk and get down on some collective action in keeping this poison out the "Urban" community.

March 15, 2011

BTR News Brief - Color Of Change's New Jim Crow Conference

The Color of Change recently hosted a conference call for grassroots activist on Mar 14th to discuss issues pertertaining to over incarceration of American citizens, particualry those in the Black communities, due to America's long running failed drug war.

One of the featured speakers was Susan Burton, Founder and Executive Director of A New Way of Life Reentry Project, who among other things spoke about the horrible conditions faced by vicitims of America's drug war when released from prison who are often denied the opportunity to fully reintergrate back into society which often causes them to support themselves and their children by any means neccessary. The conditions that have been created are often designed to keep the private and state prisons full and revenue and profits flowing from the work of cheap slave labor.

Also on the call was Michelle Alexander who is an Associate Professor of Law at Ohio State University and the author of the book "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness". Mrs Alexander said that it is going to take another movement to end the New Jim Crow and that the Drug War allows politicians to compete with one another on who can be tougher on Black men leading to high incarceration rates independent of actual crime rates.

March 2, 2011

Huckabee Paints False Picture of President Obama’s Childhood in Defense of British Butcher

By Scotty Reid

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Republican Presidential hopeful, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is in the news for making comments about President Obama’s worldview being shaped by British colonialism in Africa specifically referring to Kenya, the birthplace of Obama’s father.

Huckabee said that President Obama’s youth has caused him to resent the West and explains that this is why his foreign policy differs greatly from that of his predecessors. "One thing that I do know is his having grown up in Kenya, his view of the Brits, for example, (is) very different than the average American," Huckabee said during an interview with New York radio station WOR this week.

The major sticking point with Huckabee’s statement is that President Obama did not grow up in Kenya. Obama lived in Hawaii, his birthplace until the age of five at which point he then lived in Indonesia with his stepfather and his American mother who some have said worked for the CIA under the cover of teaching English to Indonesian children. By the age of ten, the young Obama then moved back to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents who would raise him until he left for Los Angeles to pursue an undergraduate degree that would be completed in New York.

Huckabee’s proof that President Obama resented the west was the removal of a bust of Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of England, from the Oval Office, which was replaced with a bust of Abraham Lincoln, a U.S. President whom Obama has cited as one of his American heroes. It should be noted however, that Churchill like Obama, had an American mother and would later be made (Churchill) the first honorary citizen of the United States.

I would like to ask Mike Huckabee who he considers “normal Americans” to be as his divisive rhetoric sounds much like Sarah Palin’s North Carolina campaign trail statement about small towns representing “Real America” which she would later apologize for making. Huckabee should also be asked why he would take issue with a bust of a British politician being replaced with the bust of Republican President Abraham Lincoln.

Another point of contention is how Huckabee, like many other “normal Americans”, have a habit of white-washing history, completely ignoring the inhumane and downright criminal actions of their white so-called champions of Democracy who saw no hypocrisy in denying the basic human rights of self determination to non-white populations of the world. Winston Churchill is most known as the English Prime Minister who led the British opposition to Adolph Hitler’s Nazi war machine during World War II. What is not widely known about Churchill is that he spent a lifetime of military service to the British Crown in helping to oppress non-whites in their homelands while the British raped them of their natural resources.

In fact, Churchill ordered the brutal crackdown in Kenyan against the native people who wanted their independence from British colonialism. President Obama’s paternal grandfather was detained in a 1952 uprising against British colonial rule in Kenya and Huckabee claimed that childhood stories told to Obama about the Kenyan Mau Mau rebellion is what caused him to remove the bust of Churchill. Another problem with Huckabee’s narrative is that Obama only met his real father once in his life and had no contact with his father’s side of the family during his childhood so it is evident that Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister is lying about President Obama to score points with whom he calls “Normal Americans”.

It is also troubling that a man, who claims to be a follower of Christ, would take issue with the bust of the British Butcher, Winston Churchill being removed from the oval office. As stated before, Winston Churchill who was in his second term as the British Prime Minister order a crackdown on Kenyan freedom fighters in which crimes against humanity were committed by British forces. After the liberation of Germany’s concentration camps during World War II, the British would erect their own concentration camps in Kenya. A British officer described the “labor camps” as "Short on rations, the prisoners overworked, harsh brutality, humiliating and disgusting treatment and flogging, which were all in violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights." Churchill ignored all recommendations to improve the conditions and sought to cover them up. It has been estimated that between 50,000 to 300,000 native Kenyans may have been exterminated by the British and their African collaborators. All of this was done in the name of manifest destiny where Europeans believed that they had a God given right to invade already inhabited lands, steal natural resources and the land itself from the native populations subjecting them to genocidal methods of oppression.

That was the true nature and legacy of the man whom Huckabee wants to honor with a bust in the oval office. What is becoming clear is the true nature of Huckabee who wants to occupy the oval office in the near future. As far as Huckabee’s assertion that President Obama’s foreign policy differs from that of his predecessors is also false. President Obama has not only continued the US military presence in Iraq, he has escalated its activities in Afghanistan and has used predator drones to carry out deadly attacks in Pakistan. At every turn the Obama administration has sought to defend and shield former Bush administration officials from answering for their crimes against humanity which include torture and illegal dentition. A fact check of every point or issue raised by Huckabee during this interview with a right wing radio show will show that either Huckabee is terribly uninformed or has not problem lying to push a right wing neo-colonial worldview.

February 28, 2011

Justice Department Fails To Act In Shooting of Black Children by Alleged North Carolina Racist

In the Fall of 2009 in Caswell County, North Carolina, two African American elementary school aged children were walking down a road with another child when they were allegedly fired upon with a shotgun by John Fugua, a white male who neighbors say yelled racial slurs at the children. One of the children was hit in the face and the other child was hit the arm.

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The NAACP of North Carolina has been monitoring the case says that John Fugua who was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, should additionally be charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. The attempted murder of these children occurred in September of 2009 and while the heinous crime has been covered by local North Carolina news media outlets, it has received scant national media coverage.

Rev. Dr. William Barber, President of the North Carolina NAACP, said “Many people across this state and across this country said if it were reversed and there were three white children and a black shooter, that we would have seen a very different course of justice,”

Caswell County NAACP President Nate Hall said "I think there is an attitude across the country that is not sympathetic to civil rights in general and that attitude we have got to change,"

The children’s attacker John Fugua was charged and released after posting just $5,000 bond with must bail bondsmen only requiring 10 percent, that means Fugua only had to pay $500 to obtain his freedom while awaiting trial. The parents of the victims were outraged at the low bail amount as reported by

Because of outrage from the parents John Fugua was brought back in and his bond was raised to $140,000 which he posted and was released back into the community where his alleged victims also live.

How can John Fugua not be charged with a hate crime when witnesses reported he yelled ethnic slurs at the children before opening up on them with a shotgun? Why was he initially only given a $5,000 bond, does this show that the magistrate in questions thinks little of the value of Black children’s lives. also reported in 2009 that Caswell County District Attorney Joel Brewer said ethnic intimidation is a misdemeanor in North Carolina and he supports the NAACP's effort to launch a federal investigation. He said he was the first person to contact the US Justice Department about this case, since his reach only goes as far as North Carolina law, not federal law.

A spokesperson for the US Attorney's Office said the office is aware of the situation and monitoring the local prosecution.

Here we are in 2011, two years after the incident and Eric Holder’s and Obama’s Justice Department has yet to charge this monster with a hate crime under federal statutes. One must also ask why North Carolina considers hate crimes based on ethnicity to only be a misdemeanor offence.

Caswell County is under the The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of North Carolina. Ripley Eagles Rand who was nominated by President Obama, was sworn in as the U. S. Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina on January 1, 2011 and he can be reached by phone at 336-333-5351.

John Fugua’s trial date is set for June 27, 2011 in Caswell County, North Carolina.

February 24, 2011

The African Union May Send Troops to Libya

By Scotty Reid

The African Union has condemn the violent crackdown on protestors seeking regime change in the north African nation of Libya which has been ruled by Muammar al-Gaddafi, since he rose to power through a military coup in 1969

After popular movements overturned the governments of Dictators in Tunisia and Egypt, both of which borders Libya on the west and east, a full-scale revolt against Gaddafi broke out in February.

There have been reports of extreme brutality against protestors by forces still loyal to regime, which include reports of mass killings and beatings. Rumors have been circulating that the Gaddafi regime were hiring African mercenaries to come in and help put down the revolt and NPR reports that “Witnesses and others have mentioned "white Africans," not Arabs, and "black Africans" among the Gadhafi forces who they say have been shooting at Libyans.” If the reports are true then these mercenaries would most likely come from countries like South Africa, a formerly racists apartheid country before Nelson Mandela rose to power.

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February 23, 2011

Vigil Held For Missing Teen Phylicia Barnes In Baltimore, Family Says Their Not Giving Up - Video

ABC2 News out of Baltimore is reporting that a vigil was held last night on behalf of missing North Carolina teenager Phylicia Barnes. The vigil was held at the New Christian bible Baptist Church. Some of the family were in attendance and said they are not giving up hope the teen will be found alive.

February 22, 2011

Voice of America Website Hacked By Iranian Cyber Army?

The Voice of America website was hacked on Tuesday afternoon by individuals claiming to represent the Iranian Cyber Army. When clicking on a Google News link to a VOA story titled "Chicago Votes for Mayor, Obama Advisor Leads Polls", instead of being taken to the news article, websurfers saw a screen with a message to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The message read, We have proven that we can, Mrs Clinton Do you want to hear the voice of oppressed nations will from heart of USA? Islamic world doesn't believe USA trickery. We call on you to stop interfering in Islamic countries.

The web page then lists a number of websites that forwarded to the hacked website

List Of Hacked WebSites:

February 20, 2011

Black Talk Radio Yesterday, Today & Beyond

What is Black Talk Radio? Quite simply it is a phrase that has been around since the first radio station was created that featured Black disk Jockey’s spinning records featuring Black Music artist primarily for a Black listening audience.

Listen to Podcast

According to Urban Radio Nation:

“America's first black radio station with an all Black on- air staff that programmed Black music all day is WDIA in Memphis, Tennessee. In the fall of 1948, WDIA began assembling its air staff.

The first black owned radio station was WERD Atlanta in October 1949. Jesse B. Blayton Sr., a well-respected businessman and accountant from Atlanta purchased it in the late 1940s, and hired his son Jesse Jr. to run it. Also hired was "Jockey" Jack Gibson, among the most popular black DJs.

The station was housed in the Masonic building on Auburn Avenue, then one of the wealthiest black neighborhoods in the United States. Located in that same building was the headquarters of the new Southern Christian Leadership Conference, led by Dr. Martin Luther King. It has been said that King would beat the roof of the office with a broomstick as a signal to send the microphone down when he wanted to make public addresses.

Petey Greene - Radio's first shock jock Soon after his release in 1966 from prison, Ralph Waldo "Petey" Greene was hired by Dewey Hughes, the program director for the radio
station WOL-AM in Washington, DC. Dewey first became aware of Petey’s talent during a chance meeting in Lorton, Va. prison as he was visiting his brother, a fellow inmate. Taking a big chance with his own career, Dewey believed in Petey’s voice and put him on the air. “Rapping With Petey Greene” was an immediate hit with the DC community. His appeal rapidly grew, and he soon found himself hosting his own television show.

Dewey Hughes, along with his wife Cathy Hughes, purchased WOL in 1980. In 1976 she helped develop "The Quiet Storm" show at Howard University's WHUR and became general manager at gospel station WYCB in 1978. When the two divorced, Dewey Hughes sold his interest in the station to Cathy. She went on to become founder of Radio One, with WOL as its flagship station, now the largest African American owned radio company. The company is now headed by her son Alfred Liggins III.”

This is just a brief history and timeline of the development of Black Radio which now includes Black Talk Radio. The Black radio stations played an integral role during the civil rights movement as it gave voice to the movement and made it listeners aware of what was happening around the country. Black Radio would be represented by hundreds of voices and the on air talent was often local and the station not only played music but discussed issues and shared news important to those Black communities they served.

Then came syndication.

According to multiple sources, “Radio syndication generally works the same way as television except that Radio networks generally are only distributors of programming, and individual stations which are often owned by large conglomerates decide which shows to carry.” Since most local stations are owned by these huge conglomerates, with the exception of right wing talk radio, most of the Black Talk Radio offered to listeners consists primarily of a few national hosts playing music and rarely discussing topics of substance like social or political issues and news. The few programs aired on syndicated radio are hosted by celebrities or those so-called civil rights leaders who often sell out for corporate financing.

In 1994 with the internet broadcast of a rolling stones concert using technology called m-bone, a new future in broadcasting was set in motion. Over 33 million people listen to Internet Radio yet Black people have been slow to create capitalize on this technology. While there are thousands of individual Black Internet Radio hosts and podcasters, they are mostly confined to creating content that others are capitalizing on while little of the revenue generated is shared with the producer. To add insult to injury, you now have one company asking producers to pay to be exploited. In most cases, these media producers are unaware of the fact that they do not own the content they create and broadcast on platforms that are not owned by people of color. The Black Talk Media Project hopes to change that and has a vision of bringing Black radio producers together to create and build the worlds largest Black radio network while allowing producers to retain full ownership rights of the content they produce. Not only can we work together to create online networks but we can branch into the terrestrial airwaves community by community and solicit local on air talent and create online networks specific to cities and regions

In the 1960’s Malcolm X said that media is the most powerful entity on the planet because it has the power to control the minds of the masses. There is a direct link between the deviant behavior in the Black community and the media that it used to target it. As we enter this new millennium, a new era in new Black media is at hand, the only question is will you be a part of the process in working towards a solution for the Black community.

In closing please listen to Martin Luther King Jr’s 1967 speech to Black Radio producers. Thank you to Davey D’s Hip-Hop corner for putting this clip together.

February 18, 2011

Fredrick Douglass Was Not Your Modern Day Black Republican - Black History

Fredrick Douglass was born a slave, educated himself, freed himself and went on to become one of greatest African-American freedom fighters. He used his intellect to outsmart slavers and was a part of the Underground Railroad which worked to help fugitive enslaved Africans escape to the north and freedom. He was not anything like modern day Republicans. He was the searing conscious of America.

Fredrick Douglass was also associated with the Abolitionist movement and it was Douglass who had access to President Abraham Lincoln, that put the most pressure on Lincoln to allow former slaves fight in the Civil War and later the emancipation of enslaved Africans and their children.

February 17, 2011

Black Panther Party for Self-Defense - Black History

The Black Panther Party during the sixties and seventies was a symbol of pride, power and purpose. It was reportedly founded by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton on October 15, 1966 and the organization initially set forth a doctrine calling primarily for the protection of Black communities from police brutality, a problem that persists to this day.

Other than Booby Seale and Huey P. Newton, other notable members included Angela Davis, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, Assata Shakur, Mumia Abu-Jamal and Fred Hampton.

The organization started social service programs in the communities they were active and their free breakfast program for impoverished children is credited with later being copied and implemented by the U.S. federal government. They also operated free clinics.

The Black Panther Party would ultimately become undone by the FBI's notorious and brutal COINTEL program instituted by the cross dressing and reported closet homosexual FBI Director J Edgar Hoover.

February 16, 2011

Portrait of Robert Williams, Negro with a Gun

photo: John H. Williams/ITVS


As Africa and Arab nation rebel against their oppressors, some, not many, are asking if the black community is prepared to rebel against the oppression, enslavement and brutality that it still faces in America. Right wing extremist and their House Negroes continue to assault the Black community with coded and not so coded racist propaganda. They are openly hostile to a black President who has done very little to address the oppression and discrimination afflicting Blacks and Latinos and has continued some of the policies enacted under Republicans and George W. Bush in the so-called War on Terror.

While all of this going on, while police murder Black men and black babies, while right wing groups murder Latin American immigrants, while they threaten a revolution because a Black man is President, the majority of 21st century Negroes are doing nothing to prepare for what may come.

Tonight Black Talk Radio looks back at a true freedom fighter, Robert Williams, a Black man from North Carolina who dared to pick up a gun and argue for violent self-defense against violent oppression. Sharing audio excerpts of the PBS Independent documentary "Negroes With Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power."

February 15, 2011

Ancient Egypt's Influence on Civil and Human Rights

Pastor Omar Wilks dropped by Black Talk Radio to discuss Black History as it pertains to ancient Egypt and civilization's "Father of Medicine", Imhotep. Imhotep is not only known as the first "Father of Medicine" but was credited with being among the first engineers and architects in world history. Egypt has recently been in the news, located in the Northern part of Africa; the modern people of Egypt recently toppled its American backed dictator of 30 years. Pastor Wilks says it is from ancient Kemet, the original name of Egypt, that we derive the concept of civil rights.

"The ancient Kemetui had a system that was deeply imbedded in truth, justice, and righteousness. It is from these ancient concepts that we get civil rights, a system that was deeply rooted in truth, justice, and righteousness. It is from these ancient concepts that we get civil rights." - Pastor Omar Wilks

Pastor Wilks will also touch on the life of Medgar Evers, a black American who gave his life in the fight for truth, justice and righteousness before being assassinated by a member of Klu Klux Klan and The White Citizens Council which was recently praised by Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (R-MS), a potential Republican presidential candidate as an organization that opposed the KKK.

Pastor Wilks is currently engaged in a campaign seeking justice for Aiyana Jones, a 7 yr-old child shot and killed by a Detroit SWAT team that was being featured by the A&E COP show "First 48".

Rev Wilks has done extensive work with ministering to prisoners and people no matter what their status. He is a community organizer known for his involvement in local, national, and international affairs. Rev. Wilks has courageously gone to jail for various social justice causes like Darfur, Amadou Diallo, and Sean Bell. From 1995-2001, Rev. Wilks worked and trained under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Al Sharpton and formed the first college chapter in the United States of the National Action Network on the campus of York College. Rev. Wilks also was a founding member of the National Religious Leaders of African Ancestry Concerned about Darfur (NRLAA) and Co-Founder of the Street Organizing Coalition (S.O.C). He now serves as President of the Clergy Alliance for Justice International (CAJI), Chairman of Urban Development Collective (UDC), and member of the African American Clergy and Elected Officials (AACEO).