August 16, 2013

The Butler will not get a dime from me w/ Trojan Pam

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Trojan Pam of the website "Racism Is White Supremacy" recently posted her thoughts on why the upcoming film debut of the Lee Daniels directed film "The Butler" would not see a dime from her. She admits that her negative "review" of the film is a bit premature but I happen to share her concerns about this film based on the trailers I have seen. A particular concern of mine is how the Black Panther Party for Self Defense will be portrayed and based on the trailer; it looks like the character will be the typical Hollywood portrayal of the angry black man.

I would also like to get her thoughts on the news of Spike Lee being replaced by a white male to direct the James Brown Biopic and Russell Simmon's sex tape skit of Harriet Tubman.

Speaking of Russell Simmons, new information is coming out about who is a funding his new YouTube Channel and predictably it is a partnership with white corporate media executives.

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August 14, 2013

Min. Farrakhan says the US Govt can not solve Black people's problems

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Review of some of the day's news and issues. 


Min. Farrakhan said that the US Government can not solve our problems. He also said President Obama can not repair the damage caused by centuries of racism and greed, which has now run this nation over a fiscal cliff. 

 New analysis of AG Eric Holder's comments on the racist drug war are being published and Forbes and Pro Publica get down to the root of the problem and give readers the sobering truth that the proposals will do little to stop mass incarceration. 

 NFL footballer Robert Griffin III aka RG3 has some advice for gays in the NFL but I can not help but find it a little contradictory to what he said about being a Black quarterback and why does corporate media keep asking Black athletes about gay rights? 

 Spike Lee replaced as director of James Brown Biopic. 

  Russell Simmons’ YouTube Channel All Def Digital defiles the memory of Slave Abolitionist Harriet Tubman with a "sex tape".