February 10, 2012

Is GLADD "Blackophobic" & Black Genocide in Libya

Black activist and community organizer says the organization GLADD is a predominantly White organization that may want to consider changing their name to the GLKKK. The group is behind a push to get CNN to fire black commentator Roland Martin.

Cleo Manago says he continues to find many of their (GLADD) actions and reactions "Blackophobic" in nature. This new scenario targeting Roland S. Martin is just another case in point!

Mr. Manago will be calling us live from an emergency meeting called by Black Men’s Xchange (BMX) in New York on the issue as a result of CNN suspending Roland Martin over tweets he made in reference to an underwear ad that played during the Super Bowl.

Cleo Manago is founder and national organizer of the Black Men’s Xchange (BMX), the nation’s oldest and largest community-based movement for same gender loving (SGL), gay-identifying and bisexual African-descended males and allies.

Last night we discussed the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans by rebels who participated in the overthrow of Libya's recognized government headed by Mommar Ghadafi.

Mr. T. West of Afrisynergy will be on Black Talk Radio News to discuss the racism within the ranks of the so-called new Libyan government and the atrocities being committed against Black people in Libya.

February 9, 2012

Black Death sweeps across Libya

Black Death is sweeping across Libya while the U.S. and NATO have moved on possibly to their next target. President Obama and Sec of State Hilliary Clinton are effectively sitting by while militant Arabs called "terrorist" with links to Al-Qeada by a few Republicans including former Presidential nominee Michelle Bachman, kill, rob, rape and torture Libyans of African descent.

Ending the Drug War w/ retired Canadian Judge Marvin Morten

Recently the Obama Administration announced it will expand the U.S. Drug War to Canada, all the bodies piling up in Mexico as a direct result of what theadministration is pushing Mexico to do isn't enough. I will speak with retired Canadian Judge Marvin Morten who says "It is poverty that drives most people into criminal clutches, so a punitive society and the war on drugs do not work".

Judge Morten started his career in criminal justice as a Toronto Assistant Crown Attorney in 1974. He worked in the Attorney General's office until 1993, when he was appointed Provincial Court Judge in the Ontario Court of Justice. He retired in 2009. Judge Morten is convinced there is an undeniable relationship between poverty and crime, which in the world of drug prohibition leads to more incarceration. "You're dealing with human beings," he says. "But they're moved through the system like meat."

Learn more about Judge Marvin Morten at LEAP.

February 7, 2012

The Black leadership void w/ Truth Minista Paul Scott

Black Talk Radio News takes a look at the hot political and social news stories including some that may be flying under the radar.


  • Norwegian White Supremacist mass killer demands medal at court hearing
  • Islamphobic fear mongerer Sue Myrick (R) retiring
  • South Carolina sues Justice Department over Voter Id Law
  • Is Newt Gingrich lying about paying a ethics violation fine 
  • Outrage grows over NYPD murder of unarmed Black teen

Our guest tonight is Truth Minista Paul Scott of the Militant Mind Militia who recently wrote an article about the lack of Black leadership,

"There has been an uncivil war going on in the Black community between Rev. Al Sharpton, reppin’ the old school Civil Rights crew, and the intellectual tag team of Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. They have traded disses back and forth like a “Freestyle Friday” battle over who is the legitimate leader of the masses of Black folk. Problem is, neither side really speaks for the streets – especially the youth."

Truth Minista Paul Scott joins us to discuss "Who Speaks for the ‘Hood?: How Black Leaders Failed Us".

February 6, 2012

GOP Election fraud and more...

  • Not one, but two Republicans are under investigation for voter fraud!
Black Talk Radio News takes a look at the hot political and social news stories including some that may be flying under the radar.
  • After Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona disrespects President Obama, an Arizona lawmaker thinks proposes a "white appreciation day".
  • President Obama's re-election team launches "African-Americans for Obama" in recognition of Black History month and touts what the administration has done for the "African-American community. Is it enough and should Republicans use the occasion to reach out to Black voters?
  • Is the label "African-American" still politically correct? Some members of the Black community say no!