November 5, 2010

Black Voter Post Election Analysis w/ Cleo Manago & Scotty Reid

Political/Social analyst and commentator spoke with Scotty Reid about the results of the recent elections in the United States. The political maturity of the Black voter was addressed as well as the difficulties President Obama faces in trying to energize a demoralized Black voting base.

As founder and CEO of the African, American Advocacy, Support-Services & Survival Institute (AmASSI), a national non-profit organization, Cleo Manago has provided leadership regarding African American health concerns nationally for two decades. Mr. Manago was one of the first innovators in the AIDS movement to reveal that psychosocial concerns were a major determinant to assure treatment adherence and preventative behavior modification. He founded the AmASSI National Centers for Wellness and Health in order to provide HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention services utilizing a psychosocial, mental health model that was culturally specific to African American identity. Visit