February 27, 2015

Open lines, News & analysis for 2/27/2015

Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid delves into geopolitics, social issues, cultural issues and global events. The program also features guests from grassroots activists, family of police brutality victims, other writers and sociopolitical analysts. Today the phone lines will be open as we go over some the news of the day on 2/27/2015.

February 25, 2015

North Carolina’s Bills for Blowjobs program deemed legal

Today we will have a news packed program sharing the latest social/political news, current events and more. During the second hour, we will welcome Marlin L. Adams of CulturalGrassroots.com back to the program. In addition to discussing the mission of CulturalGrassroots.com, we will also discuss the points and issues raised in the article Crowdfunding The Dream in 2015. Marlin L. Adams, Culturalpreneur, has many years of experience in business as an attorney, film distributor, producer and essayist.

In the news, Lobbyist in North Carolina can have sex with state legislators and it is quite all right according to the North Carolina ethics commission.

MSNBC purges at least two Black hosted news programs from line up, Sharpton’s Politics nation among the cuts.

Speaking of Al Sharpton, James O’Keefe, racist suspect produces video report that reportedly shows families of those killed by police believe Sharpton hustling them.

John Legend’s Oscar acceptance speech pointing out modern slavery generates news headlines across the Internet.