December 19, 2013

Dunn murder trial records will be made public rules appeals court

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 The 1st District Court of Appeals in Tallahassee Florida has thrown out a Jacksonville judge’s order that limited the amount of case related materials that can be released to the public in the high-profile murder trial of Michael Dunn, the 47 year old white male who opened fire on a SUV with several black unarmed teenagers at a gas station. Jacksonville teen Jordan Davis was killed while sitting in the back seat of the vehicle.

In a unanimous ruling, the appellate court said Judge Russell Healey could not delay records from becoming public after the prosecution hands them over to the Dunn's defense attorney in the first-degree murder trial. Florida newspapers have in past month published Dunn's letters from a Jacksonville jail, where he made derogatory comments about black people and expressed hopes in getting the venue changed to a "Republican" dominated county where he could increase his chances of getting a sympathetic jury. 

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