July 19, 2013

The Week In Review & Open Lines 7/19/2013

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Tonight we review some of the news and issues of the past week. Open lines and the best in R&B and Hip-Hop. Possible Topics Hate towards “Half-Breeds” Racial Identity Confusion The President's remarks concerning outrage over Zimmerman being found "not guilty" This and possible more.  www.StatCounter.com/myspace/ - Free myspace Profile Counter

July 17, 2013

Hip-Hop, Young People and Grassroots Movements

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Tonight I will be hosting a round table discussion with members of the Militant Minded Movement Sis. Abena and Sis. Tricey. We want to analyze the fallout from the George Zimmerman sham trial but want to also discuss how Hip-Hop and young people have been instrumental in mobilizing youth to engage in grassroots action. Our youth are being bad mouthed by older generations who say they are lost and are not organizing like back in the days of the civil rights movement. Nothing could be further from the truth. We also want to leave the floor open for anything these two strong women want to share. www.StatCounter.com/myspace/ - Free myspace Profile Counter

July 16, 2013

Anti-gun liberals poised to use Trayvon Martin's Murder

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The President of the United States had more comments about Trayvon Martin's murder. This time he had more than just a one liner, he had several sentences speaking on the fall out from a jury letting a killer go free. I am predicting that the Democrats and their friends and mouthpieces will try to make Trayvon Martin's murder about gun control and giving you a view of what his top priority will be in the last few years of his second term.

Is the NAACP and the DOJ serious about investigating Geroge Zimmerman for violating Trayvon Martin's civil rights or is this just a ploy to exploit those who are dissapointed over the aquital? Could they be looking at someone else?

I was sent a link to a Tommy Sotomayor Youtube video of this black man blaming Black people for all bad that has happened in his life and then accuses Black people of playing the victim card. I could only listen to so much anti-Black hate no matter who it comes from but I said to the person who sent it that I would address "George Zimmerman Is Not An Enemy Of Black People, But I Know Who Is!".
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