December 9, 2011

Obama administration self destructing & Hermain is one of us!

It seems like the administration of President Obama is self destructing from self inflicted wounds. Has there ever been an administration that has angered its base more? Herman Cain, who recently ended his run for the GOP nomination, appeared on Black Entertainment Television last night. That appearance has lead some Black people to proclaim, "he really is one of us!".

December 7, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ Michael Gilbert (LEAP)

Dr. Michael Gilbert has over 20 years of experience working in corrections and criminal justice as a manager, trainer, consultant, and researcher. That experience tells him, "Prohibition makes no sense as a drug-control policy."

While working in the penal system, Mike met many drug offenders who appeared to have led lives otherwise unblemished by crime. He began to see the harms caused by drug prohibition in a human context. He also encountered an increasing number of law-enforcement, judicial, and corrections officials who privately questioned the prohibition policies they were assigned to enforce. These "drug-warriors" doubted the foundations of the "War on Drugs," as well its effectiveness, morality, and ethics.

We will ask Dr. Gilbert what he thinks about the recent NY Times article that reveals how law enforcement officials who question drug policies are punished.