December 11, 2010

WikiLeaks: Dyncorp Throws Child Sex Party For Afghan Police

The Houston Press is reporting the military contractor Dyncorp has been implicated in yet another scandal involving child sex.

John Nova Lomax writes, "Another international conflict, another horrific taxpayer-funded sex scandal for DynCorp, the private security contractor tasked with training the Afghan police'.

And in Kunduz province, according to the leaked cable, that money was flowing to drug dealers and pimps. Pimps of children, to be more precise. (The exact type of drug was never specified.) Since this is Afghanistan, you probably already knew this wasn't a kegger. Instead, this DynCorp soiree was a bacha bazi ("boy-play") party, much like the ones uncovered earlier this year by Frontline.

For those that can't or won't click the link, bacha bazi is a pre-Islamic Afghan tradition that was banned by the Taliban. Bacha boys are eight- to 15-years-old. They put on make-up, tie bells to their feet and slip into scanty women's clothing, and then, to the whine of a harmonium and wailing vocals, they dance seductively to smoky roomfuls of leering older men.

After the show is over, their services are auctioned off to the highest bidder, who will sometimes purchase a boy outright. And by services, we mean anal sex: The State Department has called bacha bazi a "widespread, culturally accepted form of male rape." (While it may be culturally accepted, it violates both Sharia law and Afghan civil code.)" Read more..

Lets see if Congress moves as quickly to Defund Dyncorp as they did in Defunding ACORN. Call or email your Representative Now!

December 10, 2010

The Green Party: Several Reasons to Defend Wikileaks

The Green Party has taken a stand on the WikiLeaks controversy and while standing for truth should never be controversial, WikiHaters certainly have made their positions clear.The press release further states that "Green Party leaders called the attacks on Wikileaks by the US government a direct and deliberate assault on the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of the press.

They press release further states that "Green Party leaders called the attacks on Wikileaks by the US government a direct and deliberate assault on the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of the press.

"The war on Wikileaks may set a precedent for the treatment of journalists who expose government wrong-doing," said Carl Romanelli of the Pennsylvania Green Party. "While the US government has increasingly operated outside of US constitutional and international law, Wikileaks' actions would not be called a crime in a free and open society."

Scotty Reid speaks with Green Party spokesman Scott McLarty who further share why those wh ovalue truth, justice and transparency should support WikiLeaks and recognize it as a news media entity and as such deserves the protections that are afforded members of a free press.

December 8, 2010

Wikileaks: Obama's Mexican Drug War w/ Jack Cole

Jack Cole is a former New Jersey State Police Officer who worked as an undercover narcotics officer for 14 of his 26 year career. He approaches the War on Drugs from several perspectives and one of those is that it is steeped in racism. While the African American population in the United States is a minority, the majority of drug convictions are African Americans even though they constitute a minority of drug users in the United States.

After retiring from law enforcement, Jack Cole as one of the five founding members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, helped to grow it into an organization that has over 30,000 supporters calling for an end to the War on Drugs.

Today Jack will discuss revelations from recently released diplomatic cables disputing President Obama's assertion that Mexico is not turning into another Colombia which is contrary to what Hillary Clinton told a Washington Think Tank citing the loss of civilian lives and the loss of government control of huge land areas within the country to drug traffickers.

Media reports about some of the documents recently released by Wikileaks paint a grim picture of the loss of life and land due to the escalation of the Drug War in Mexico in the past four years at a cost of over 1.5 Billion dollars to the U.S. taxpayers.