February 4, 2013

The Psycho-Academic War Against Black Boys w/ Dr. Umar R. Abdullah-Johnson


Dr. Umar R. Abdullah-Johnson joins us tonight to discuss The Psycho-Academic War Against Black Boys which is covered in his latest book. He argues that the education system in America is targeting Black boys as young as six years old with drugs like "Cyclert" and "Adderall".

He says that many parents are begging schools for psycho-educational evaluations if they show hints of a learning challenge believing the children have "learning disabilities".

We will ask Dr. Umar to explain "The Umar Abdullah-Johnson Theory of Black Male Alienation" and what concerned parents can do to help their children without unnecessarily drugging them. You can purchase his books online at his website http://www.drumarjohnson.com.
"Drugs & Jail When All Else Fails"