June 2, 2012

Ohio Mom fights abuse of autistic children on behalf of her child

Guest: Ohio mom Dee Hannah is petitioning state law makers to craft and pass legislation to protect children with autism. She said her six year old autistic child's teacher withheld lunch from the child as punishment and laughed about it. Ohio State Senate: Enact a bill to protect children with autism from abuse

June 1, 2012

Free Oscar López Rivera

Vicente “ Panama ” Alba previously served as a member of the local advisory board of the Free Speech Community sponsored by WBAI, founded the Latino committee within the station, and participated as a member of the nationwide Justice & Unity movement fighting for inclusion of the diverse voiceless communities and many other organizations. A former member of the Young Lords Party, Mr. Alba became a political prisoner as the first person arrested in the United States with alleged ties to Fuerzas Amadas de Liberación Nacional (FALN) in 1977. He spent six months in jail before being released on bail and was acquitted five years later. Mr. Alba has been awarded a fellowship by the Charles H. Revson Foundation and is presently writing his autobiography.

Former Puerto Rican political prisoner Ricardo Jiménez was arrested with 11 others on April 4, 1980, in their attempt to achieve independence for Puerto Rico. He was given a 90-year federal sentence for seditious conspiracy and other charges relating to the act of attempting to overthrow the Government of the United States in Puerto Rico. Ricardo was finally released from prison on September 10, 1999, after President Bill Clinton extended him clemency. As of 2011, Jiménez lives in Chicago and works as an HIV/AIDS counselor for the Latino HIV/AIDS support agency, Vida/SIDA, a project of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center.

Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, arrested in 1981, is serving a sentence of 70 years for seditious conspiracy, for his commitment to the independence of Puerto Rico. He was not accused or convicted of causing harm or taking a life. Oscar is 67 years of age and has served over 30 years behind bars, including over 12 years in torturous condi­tions of total isolation and sensory deprivation. In 1999, President Clinton offered to commute Oscar’s sentence on the condition that he serve an ad­ditional 10 years of clear conduct in prison before being eligible for release. Oscar did not accept the president’s offer, as the of­fer did not include all the Puerto Rican political prisoners at that time. Under the president’s offer, he would have been re­leased in Sept. of 2009. The conditions of Clinton’s 1999 offer to commute Oscar’s sen­tence have been fulfilled. Info on his freedom campaign is available at http://boricuahumanrights.org/category/oscar-lopez-rivera-2/.

May 31, 2012

Ending the Drug War w/ former prosecutor James E. Gierach (LEAP)

James E. Gierach is a former Assistant State's Attorney of Cook County, municipal attorney, Village prosecutor, and general practitioner joins us again on the show. In James’ view, the War on Drugs not only doesn't work but is also the heart of most American crises including violent crime, property crime, gangs, guns, prisons, student dropout rates, corruption, overdose deaths, addition, disease, trade imbalance and the frequent inability of governments at every level to pay the bills. “Ironically,” James says, “the war on drugs was put in place to save our kids from drugs and make our streets safer, but ending prohibition is what will truly accomplish these goals.” I will bring up two recent drug prohibition related stories pertaining to political solutions and suspected prohibition related violence that may have led to the killing of a five year old child in New Orleans.

LL COOL J racially profiled by Canadian Immigration officials

Tune in for today's news views and the best in hip-hop and R&B music.


  • LL COOL J racially profiled by Canadian Immigration officials 
  • Innocent rape suspect released, 3 others still in jail 
  • Who are all these "militants" being killed by the Obama Admin? 
  • UN calls out Assad for murder of children, US Drone Strikes kill 31 in 72hrs 
  • Tami Roman breaks down on Wendy Williams show after called out for BB Wives behavior Soccer 
  • Player threatens to kill racist fans

May 29, 2012

Mother of 11 yr old beaten badly at school demands answers

LaDonna Williams joined the broadcast. Her 11 yr old daughter suffered a vicious assault during a schedule school break on April 24, 2012 at Hogan Middle School in Vallejo, CA. Her daughter's attacker was a 14 yr old student nearly twice her size who Ms. Williams says attacked her daughter Annisia Williams from behind. Her daughter suffered multiple injuries (concussion, contusion, continuing bloody noses, memory loss, bruising of the bone surrounding eye cavity,) which caused her to miss a month of school. From the beginning Ms. Williams says administrators and police who did not show up till three hours after the attack, did not do a proper investigation and the school went even so far as to protect the identity of Annisia’s attacker.


 To make matters worse, Ms. Williams says that the parent of the 14 yr old who attacked her child laughed about the matter and made inappropriate comments suggesting the girl did what she was supposed to do. Video of the attack surfaced on Youtube, allegedly posted by friends of the attacker as some kind of statement but when realizing the video was being used as evidence, they removed the video. Ms. Williams was able to obtain a copy of the video and re-uploaded it herself. Black Talk Radio has also obtained a copy. Ms. Williams wants there to be serious dialogue around the issue of bully and school safety. She also believes the school, the parent and the 14 yr old who attacked her child to be held responsible for what was done to Annisia. What would you do to protect your child from bullies?