March 10, 2012

Stopping Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart may be gone but his brand of vitriolic and deceptive "journalism" lives on through the staff and websites he left behind. Shortly before his untimely demise, of what we are still not sure, Breitbart annouced he was in possession of video from President Obama's college days. The video is out and instead of being a blockbuster it turns out to be a dud. However that has not stopped the right wing media from trying to make it out to be more than it is.

I am joined by Janet Shan of Hinterland Gazzette and of the Facebook Group "Stop Andrew Breitbart Now" to get her thoughts on Brietbart's last attempt at deception in painting the President as some radical Black nationalist, his style of so-called journalism and what the mission of the Facebook group will be since the passing of Breitbart.

Of course I will be sharing some of the top news of the day including some surprising news about 700 Club founder and host Pat Robertson.

March 8, 2012

Please Mr. President, our people are being brutalized and murdered by Cops

There is a serious problem in Americawhere Black people, particularly young Black men are being targeted and killed or otherwise abused by so-called law enforcement officers across this country. Often when they are killed, their murderers never seem to be arrested and even in rare cases where there is a trial, the killers are often set free.

This problem is not limited to the United Statesalthough it is a major exporter of weapons of personal destruction to police departments and militaries of around the world. Not only that, but they send police trainers around the world to teach others their brutal tactics.

What can we do to stop the brutalization of Black people? What will it take if our politicians both White and Black will not address this epidemic of police brutality? How do we defend our people and ourselves?

March 7, 2012

Ending the Drug War w/ Joseph Brooks

"Drug prohibition helps organized crime syndicates grow like throwing gas on a fire."

Joseph Brooks is a retired Connecticut police officer. After a few years with the Manchester Police Force, Brooks was named Commanding Officer of the Detective Division and was charged with implementing and managing the Narcotics Task Force named Tritown, consisting of three participating departments and managed under his command. It was from that key vantage point that he witnessed firsthand the impact of the drug trade on the community he served and began to question the value of the government's War on Drugs.

Black Talk Radio News Briefs 3/7/2012

Today's News Briefs

  • Eric Holder Tries to Justify Killing US Citizens
  • 70% of students arrested for disciplinary infractions are Black or Latino
  • United States and its Support for the Removal of Oil Subsidy in Nigeria
  • Candidates Hammer Obama Over Iran, but Approaches Differ Little
  • People Buy More Guns in Response to Obama’s Re-Election
  • Faced with advertiser flight, Rush Limbaugh tries the 'rap' defense

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March 6, 2012

Open discussion on Economic Terrorism

Most Americans still do not understand that the Federal Reserve is not part of the US Govt but a private and secretive entity that is contracted by our Govt to print US dollars. Many people including GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul believe that the FED should be eliminated and thus eliminate a huge chunk of debt. There are a number of monetary organizations that practice economic terrorism throughout the world. Recently Nigeria was thrown into chaos by its President at the behest of the International Monetary Fund.

Joining me tonight for an open discussion on economic terrorism is Bro. Jeyone Sabir who will share his insight on this issue.

March 5, 2012

Does President Obama owe the Black community?

Tonight I am joined by Mr. Stacy Swimp to discuss among other topics, his recent article titled "President Obama: Does he owe Black America?". He writes, "There is only one America—not a Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or any other separatist America. Saying Obama owes special attention to Black America is contrary to the Constitution. “Black America” itself is a dysfunctional term that only promotes class warfare and ethnic unrest."

News Briefs: Obama's AIPAC speech

Tonight at 8pm est we will talk to a mover & shaker in the Black conservative community Mr. Stacy Swimp to discuss his article on whether or not President Obama owes us anything. Tune in on the Black Talk Radio Network.

Today's News Briefs

  • President Obama's speech to AIPAC
  • Virginia says no to the NDAA