September 6, 2013

Syria, the United States and chemical warfare w/ T West

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Join Black Talk Radio News host Scotty Reid as he discusses some of the political and social news of the day.

Mr T. West of Afrisynergy will join us tonight to discuss Syria and history of the United States use of chemical weapons.

  • Russian president says that if the US attacks Syria, they will help the Syrians
  • Russia says it gave the UN a detailed “scientific” report proving Syrian insurgents behind March sarin gas attacks
  • John McCain confronted in TownHall meeting by Syrian woman
  • The President of the United States tells Congress to ignore will of the people and vote for war
  • Televangelist and suspected racist Pat Robertson subject of documentary and diamond mines in Africa

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September 4, 2013

Syrian Insurgents behind chemical attacks w/ Stephen Lendman

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Interview with columnist and radio show host Stephen Lendman about the US governments war moves against Syria and related events. This news and more on Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid. Tune in online or download the smart phone apps for iPhone and Android. R&B and Hip & Hop music is brought to you by Mess-age Music. - Free myspace Profile Counter

September 2, 2013

Teaching Kiswahilli in public schools

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Terrance Taylor of Sacramento, CA believes some key problems in the Black community stem from having their African culture and language stolen from them as victims of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. He believes that African descendant children can be helped by teaching them Kiswahilli and believes in it so strongly he posted a petition to Change.Org asking the Department of Education to implement Kiswahilli in public schools. We will discuss this proposition with him tonight.

In the news...... 
  •  Texas Board of Education seeks to white-wash the Trans-Atlantic trade in enslaved Africans 
  • Sheryl Underwood who is a stand-comic and now co-hosts the CBS show called the "The Talk" insulted every person of African descent on the nationally televised program. 
  • More reactions to Juicy J's twerking scholarship 
  •  More reflections on the historical nature of Black women being used as sexual props for white entertainment - Free myspace Profile Counter