March 4, 2013

Dennis Rodman takes on propaganda master Stephanopoulos


Dennis Rodman fresh from his trip to North Korea where he met with its leader Kim Jong Un, Rodman was bombarded with  propaganda by George Stephanopoulos, the former Bill Clinton  policy wonk and propagandist who now masquerades as a news reporter on ABC. Stephanopoulos is also a member of the White Supremacy and global domination organization the Council on Foreign Relations. Speaking of propaganda, conservative pundit busted accepting bribes from Malaysian government to demonize the opposition party leaders.

President Obama gave a weekly address on the the latest debacle coming out of Washington pertaining to this sequester nonsense. The US govt at any time could get out of debt by stopping its White supremacy Global domination plan which seeks to subject people every where to American/Multi-National Corporate imperialism and it could also stop incarcerating/re-enslaving the descendants of enslaved Africans and other Americans.

A city in Virginia has passed an ordinance that somewhat limits the use of drones against its citizens for spying purposes and killing them. The federal and state government is not bound by the ordinance but legislation of this type is picking up steam across the nation. Speaking of the militarization of law enforcement in the United States, a report has surfaced about armored mine resistant personnel carriers being used on American streets.

James D Manning of the Atlah World Missionary Church is the leading candidate for showcased Black person of the week. Manning recently went on a rant against President Obama which included a white supremacist diatribe against the Black community. He said white folks are being pushed to be violent and that they will invade the Black community. He also said "I'm joining em!"

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