January 16, 2015

Illusions of Free Expression w/ Dr. Robin Andersen, Ph.D.

Today I will be speaking with Dr. Dr. Robin Andersen, Ph.D. about state sponsored propaganda and the illusions of free speech when it comes to Hollywood and media in general. Dr. Andersen wrote an important piece concerning the CIA, the Department of Defense and others in shaping the content of media distributed in America in light of the media hype concerning Sony and the movie The Interview. We also hope to put this practice in a historical context.

When "supposed" allies are enemy agents

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Join me tonight as we discuss some of the top news of the day. Certainly I have to discuss the verbal assault on my name and the Black Talk Radio Network by anti-racist author, lecturer and so-called white ally Timothy Jacob Wise. Mr. Wise took offense to something I wrote about something he wrote concerning hate speech that did not make logical sense to me concerning a white person telling people he supposes he has a right to yell racial and religious in Times Square, not that he would but if he wanted.

But did Mr. Wise engage in a form of hate speech towards me and my "compatriots? It seems he did and he certainly has the courage to slur and slander people over the internet.

I will look at his words and see if they were a reasonable response and if Mr. Wise exercised good problem solving skills and if his emotional response tell us anything as well as his word choice. 

I also want to examine his cult of personality and what is it about him that Black people would join in on a digital lynching? Is Mr. Timothy Wise an ally or enemy agent. Could white saviors be a non-violent tactic of the system to prevent the rise of what the FBI called a "black messiah"? 

January 14, 2015

How to Destroy a Black Male in 10 Steps w/ Andre G

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Today we will be joined by freelance writer, poet, producer, artist, thinker and striver Andre G to discuss a piece he wrote titled "Rap Exploitation: How to Destroy a Black Male in 10 Steps" in which he breaks down how the rap industry destroys black males and females as well I suppose. He is also the co-founder of ColorTheFuture.org, a platform for young artists of color.

 After our interview with Andre G, I will delve into my recent article about Tim Wise, the widely known "anti-racist" lecturer who supposes that people have a right to hurl racial and religious slurs under free speech and be free from consequences. I will also share some of the responses to the article and Tim Wise's supposition.

January 12, 2015

The Future of Black Youth: Prison or Death with author Jerry Haymon

Today we will be joined by author and truth teller Jerry Haymon who recently publish his first book titled "Black Mafia Family St. Louis (The Untold Story)." We will discuss with him the plight and plans America has for the Black youth trapped in cycle of violence, poverty, police brutality and prison enslavement.

Jerry Haymon

Jerry Haymon author of Black Mafia Family St. Louis(The Untold Story).[/caption] Jerry Haymon was born in 1966 in Gary, Indiana. He has experienced his share of struggles in life. He has gone from being a homeless single father to becoming extremely successful in business to having it all taken away overnight. He writes because he feels that the truth must be told; no matter who it offends. His books are written to entertain and inform. Black Mafia Family St. Louis(The Untold Story) is his first published novel. His message cannot be ignored.

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