May 25, 2013

Resisting Slavery and Police Brutality


NYPD Stop & Frisk data shows whites more likely to be to be carrying guns and drugs so why did Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Raymond Kelley continue to target Black and Latino communities?

An appeals court determines that thousands are eligible to be released from the prison plantations who were sentenced under racist crack cocaine laws.

Identifying New Slave Masters and developing strategies of targeting human traffickers within the United States.

Why I observe Memorial Day and why I do not observe Veterans day.

Muslims youth are also rebelling in Sweden for a fifth night in a row. 

May 22, 2013

British soldier hacked to death in UK, Rebellions in Sweden, Devontae Sanford update

New petition posted for the release of innocent teen Devontae Sanford who was sentenced to 30 yrs - 90 yrs for crimes another inmate has confessed. Kym Worthy can end this nightmare for Devontae and his family if she so chooses. Taminko Sanford, Devontae's mother joins us again tonight. 

  Attorney John L. Burris gives us some details on the shooting death of Amos G. Smith in an exclusive interview. Amos G. Smith was the young man shot in the back of the head by Union City police in March along with 3 other black men in the same area in a span of 27 hours.

A video posted to youtube shows a Black Muslim who had just hacked an alleged British soldier to death. He issued a warning to others before being shot by police.

 Youth are rebelling in Sweden for a third night. 

May 21, 2013

War in these streets and our soldiers seem to be MIA


There is a war going on in these streets and as we just celebrated the birthday of Malcolm X, I would hate to know what he would think about the lack of response of our young women and men being killed in these streets by thug ass murderous cops and thug ass murderous criminals in our communities. Children don't feel safe walking to school let alone going to school and yet there has been very little response from the community to meet the security needs. Union City cops shoot a brother 8 times in the back of the head and we ain't heard nothing from the people about it in corporate media.

How do you feel about the NOI bringing in white men from Scientology to teach their members non-African concepts and spirituality? What the hell is going on with them brothers and sisters? After seeing photos of one of these Scientology creeps taking the podium at a NOI meeting, many people are saying WTF!

An article came out today about the Mexican activist whom brother Malcolm Shabazz was with when he was murdered. It may answer some questions about who this man is but it does not answer the questions about what exactly happen that day and many have problems with his version of events.