June 6, 2013

The Bulldozing of Black Wall Street


Michael Carter, Sr., the National President of Black Wall Street, USA joins us again on Black Talk Radio to discuss some of the latest activities of Black Wall Street. I reached out to Black Wall Street after seeing a petition to President Obama asking him to sit down with CBC chairperson Marsha Fudge to address the needs of his Black constituents that voted for him in overwhelming numbers. Mr. Carter then informed me of the desecration of the Black Wall Street site in Tulsa, Oklahoma, something that has not made national news headlines and how there are still Black bodies yet to be uncovered and the real death toll of the victims of white supremacy violence runs into the thousands. He will also update us again on the mission of the organization Black Wall Street, USA and some of the projects it has going on. 

  In the news, a federal judge appointed by Ronald Reagan may he burn in hell, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Judge Edith Jones has been making racists comments in the court for quite some times and has also been attending judicial conferences funded by corporations. The Dis-Honorable judge Edith Jones not only believes Black and Hispanics are predisposed to commit violent crimes. 

  Louisiana has its first so-called Black Republican state Senator since Reconstruction but there is a catch. Senator Guillory, of Opelousas, LA, was originally a Republican, but switched to Democrat to run for office in 2007–the district he represented was a huge majority Democrat district. But now, Guillory says he can no longer remain a Democrat, that the party has left him and other social conservatives behind. He recently got a "Frederick Douglass" and it is common for Black conservatives to hijack Douglass's name and image but where do they stand ideologically with the famed abolitionists? www.StatCounter.com/myspace/ - Free myspace Profile Counter

June 3, 2013

Former New Black Panther member says her prosecution is political


Former New Black Panther party member Michelle Williams says that her conviction on "Grand Theft Second Degree" are politically motivated and that she is innocent of the charge for which she was sentenced to 15 years probation. Williams says she was unaware there was a problem with the title to the home when she bought from Howard Britt Weems, III of Lakeland, Florida and that she tried through an attorney to clear the matter up with the person she re-sold the property to. She further states that this is a civil matter and not a criminal one but she is being targeted because of her political and social activism. She has a petition on Change.org.

Former Detroit police officer Joseph Weekley's manslaughter trial started today and the prosecutor said Weekley made key errors when entering the home where 7 yr-old Aiyana Jones-Stanley was sleeping before being killed by the the officer. Defense attorney Steve Fishman is seeking to blame the child's grandmother for reaching for the cop's weapon like that would cause it to discharge. 

A group calling itself "The Black American Leadership Alliance" has issued an open letter calling upon the Senate Gang of Eight and Senate Members from states with the highest rates of black unemployment "to recognize the devastating effects amnesty and mass immigration has on low skilled workers, particularly those in the black community. Secondly, we implore each Member to fulfill his or her duty to the millions of Americans struggling to find work by opposing amnesty and supporting policies to reduce overall levels of legal and illegal immigration."

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