September 11, 2013

Rethinking 911, Syria Insurgents caught with chemical weapons

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Join Black Talk Radio News host Scotty Reid as he discusses some of the political and social news of the day. - Free myspace Profile Counter

September 9, 2013

Zimmermurderman, Syria, Internet Adoption network

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Political and social news of the day.
  • George Zimmerman allegedly threatens wife and father in-law with a gun
  • Detroit brothers facing charges for assaulting cops get charges dropped
  • Psychopath and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gives her two-cents on Syria
  • White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough spins the facts on chemical weapons use
  • Are Syrian insurgents planning chemical weapons attacks on Israel to manipulate the West?
  • NPR piece say its cheaper to adopt Black children but you can “adopt” a child for free in America through the Internet. - Free myspace Profile Counter