August 6, 2014

Black Jesus the tv series w/ Min. Paul Scott

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Tonight we are speaking with Min. Paul Scott of the Messianic Arikan Nation who will share his thoughts on this new television program on Adult Swim which debuts on August 7, 2014. The series is a creation of Aaron McGruder who also created Boondocks the animated series.

August 5, 2014

Newark: When consciousness becomes complicit in a system of oppression

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Tonight I will be talking with Max Parthas, a member of the Black Talk Radio family who co-produces and co-hosts New Abolitionists Radio. He is a world renowned spoken word artist and he is out on the road putting in work for the people.

We will also discuss an article that I came across today that says cops are out here fearing for their lives and blaming it on "anti-government" sentiments. Considering how many people they kill every year, is it wonder they may feel a little threatened? The article is a pure propaganda piece to make you feel sorry for willingly participants in the police state across the USA.