March 15, 2013

East Flatbush NY Uprising Continues against NYPD


The East Flatbush Brooklyn uprising against police and corporate interest in the area continued into a third night last night. Reviewing coverage of the event and some of the social media commentary on the killing of 16 yr old Kimani Gray. Police accounts differ from witness accounts of the incident. Carol Gray, the mother of slain teenager Kimani Gray, at a Tuesday news conference demanded to know why her son was “slaughtered” by NYC police last Saturday.

In related news, the NYPD recorded its five millionth stop and frisk of a resident of New York. The controversy tactic of the NYPD has been ongoing since 2001 and critics say the policy targets Black & Brown communities as if they do not have fourth amendment protections.

On the national news front, The US government's drone assassination program received new scrutiny. Pakistan, where the most victims of drone strikes have been recorded, the government of Pakistan says the United States does not have its permission to conduct drone operations in its country. Pakistan also receives a substantial amount of aid from US Taxpayers and may be looking the other way privately while publicly claiming to be against the violation of its nation sovereignty.

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March 13, 2013

Black female showcased as Miss Israel


Not to say that Yityish Aynaw isn't beautiful, she is, without a doubt, but could her being crowned by Israelis as Miss Israel be a case of racial showcasing? Lets see how the 22 yr-old uses the platform given to her and will she shy away from topics like the eugenics programs being carried out against African immigrants in Israel and the discrimination against her Black brothers and sisters are facing in the country. 

  Four Native American demonstrators were arrested after they sought to pray at ceremonial ground where the remains of 57 Muscogee tribe ancestors were found and excavate in Wetumpka, Alabama. 

Another video has surfaced on Youtube showing a Native American protesting against anti-immigration foes. A young Native American woman carry a sign that said "Not White Land" exchanged words with a group of protesters who were engaged in anti-immigration expressions. 

  A Black uprising occurred in Brooklyn after a candle light vigil for 16 yr old Black kid recently killed by NYPD. City Councilman Jumaane Williams said “There’s a lot of anger here, this isn't just from one particular shooting. A whole community has not been heard for far too long.” 
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March 11, 2013

AG Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and LAPD Chief hacked


It appears that a hacker group was successful in obtaining the person information on Attorney General Eric Holder, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. SSN#, addresses, credit reports have published from Paris Hilton to the Los Angeles Police Chief. Your thoughts?

16 yr old Black male Kimani Gray shot and allowed to bleed out in NYC? Eye Witness said they heard the kid and cops exchange words before his death, after he was shot, Gray said “please don’t let me die.” One of the officers responded “Stay down or, we’ll shoot you again.” according to the New York Times.

This news and more tonight.

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