August 9, 2013

The Week In Review & Open Lines 8/9/2013

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Tonight we review some of the news and issues of the past week.

The Cannabis legalization debate is heating up in the mainstream media, lets separate the facts from the propaganda.

Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh lose big chunks of their audiences and reports are out that Hannity has been fired from Fox News.

Racial Identity Confusion and so-called Latinos and Hispanic, the difference between African descendant people and African-AMERICANS.

How racially showcased Black people fit into the system of Racism & White Supremacy.

Racially Showcased US Attorney General says talks about mass incarceration.

California does its best to keep 10,000 people enslaved behind bars while Racist Sherriff Joe Arpaio offers to help out and one of his deputies catches a bullet in his own drive-way. - Free myspace Profile Counter

August 7, 2013

The President’s scripted appearance on the Tonight Show

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Guest: Nancy Maxwell will be joining us tonight to discuss a fund raising effort for the students of the Meridian School District in Mounds, Illinois. Recent school renovations uncovered black mold in the elementary school and junior high building and forced it to be shut down. All of the school supplies except for desks and chairs are locked inside. The children start school back on August 13.

The community has a petition on asking for help in removing the mold or providing a new school. You can find them on Facebook as well.

Donations can be mailed to: Meridian PTSO, 1401 Meridian Road, Mounds, IL 62964

The President of the United States made an appearance on the Late Night Show with comedian Jay Leno to discuss serious political fallout from the NSA domestic spying revelations. The President also cancelled a trip to Moscow to meet with Russian President Putin. Will break down some of the President’s statements. I am very concerned about this racially showcased weapon of mass confusion.

Finally I want to discuss my recent exposure to a Black female character who goes by Kola Boof. Her anti-blackness concerning Black males concerned me enough to write a blog post about it.

If I have time I will get to some of the other news of the day. - Free myspace Profile Counter

August 5, 2013

Houston woman stands her ground and kills attacker

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Reviewing some of the news of the day.

A Black woman in Houston was assaulted by a make at a gas station shoots and kills her attacker and is now claiming stand your ground. Of course it is not getting much media attention because it does not fit the Democratic parties agenda to disarm Black people and let them be preyed upon by criminals and killer cops.

The US government has been publicizing threats by the so-called terrorist group Al-Qaeda and in a CNN clip; they specifically link it to groups in Yemen who allegedly was behind the attempt to bomb a plane over Detroit. This seems to be a distraction to get people to not focus on the what the CIA was doing in Libya when the American ambassador was killed and of course to distract you from the fact that the US government has been operating a massive spy operation to target Black people and other low level so-called drug dealers.

While some people are acting like they so concerned about cannabis being used to put people in trance, they don’t seem to be focused on what is being put into the food as the world learns of the first test tube hamburger. They are claiming that will address global food shortages but do not believe the hype. - Free myspace Profile Counter