February 23, 2013

Black Churches call out Obama admin on Drone Policy


Black Churches Condemn Obama Administration's Drone Policy as Murder and Evil

March 15-16 International Protest Against Police Brutality To Be Held In Memphis

Chicago police tortures take center stage inside a Chicago court room

President Obama calls out Black Fathers Again

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February 21, 2013

Rapper calls out Lil Wayne over Emmett Till lyrics


Tonight we will be joined by rapper Sean Barnes who recently made a track in which he takes Lil Weezy to school over his disrespectful lyrics in which he compares the murder of Emmett Till to having violent sexual intercourse with a woman.

While people debate whether or not Christopher Dorner was wrong in his actions to execute two civilians related to a former police officer who he believed wronged him, why is it these same people can not bring themselves to condemn the killing of civilians by the US Government and the killing of unarmed civilians by cops in this country?

Now a story has surfaced that cops are ordering pictures of pregnant women and children with guns to use for target practice.

 One group  is organizing in Memphis, Tennessee to hold protest against police violence.

The Memphis Black Autonomy Federation, which operates the Black Autonomy Copwatch program is sponsoring the local events on annual The International Day of Action Against Police Brutality which kicks off on March 15. Tonight Lorenzo Ervin, vice chair of the Memphis Black Autonomy Federation and coordinator of Black Autonomy Copwatch joins us.

Finally, I have had enough of President Barack Hussein Obama and his attacks on Black fathers. Obama does not have problem attacking us but appears to have a problem with helping us.

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