August 16, 2014

Friday Night Vent Session: Parroting the Enemy's Propaganda

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Propaganda is the number one tool of perpetual warfare in America employed by racist corporate media. Unfortunately there are no classes being taught in how to lessen the mental impact of propaganda on one's mind. People can be aware of propaganda but still fall under its spell in their choice of words and the language they use. I will be vented my frustration with people using words like "rioting" and "looting" and blaming black people for their victimization at the hands of white racist and non-white proxies of racism.

I will have a few other things to get off my chest like Black people who believe in the superiority of white people and really think they are supreme beings

August 13, 2014

Ferguson, Riots or Rebellions? Non-violence or Resistance By Any Means Necessary?

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 Tonight will be an open forum on the rebellions and revolts taking place in the State of Missouri and weigh the pros and cons of non-violent resistance and violent resistance. Is the criticism of those who are engaging the police and engaging in rebellious activities fair? Can non-violent tactics resolve the systemic problem of police violence and murder? Examining these issues from a historic and contemporary perspective.

Get the free pdf Community Self Defense Manual and start organizing against police violence and murder in your community. Courtesy of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

August 10, 2014

Friday Night Vent Session: Black women and so-called Feminism

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This week:

Black women involved in the feminist movement, why does the Black community need a movement that has done nothing but put Black women in an adversarial position to their fathers, brothers and sons? It is stupid.

Jada Pinkett-Smith and the bullcrap she pushing on Facebook.

The lack of support for Shaneen Allen among Black people, where the feminist groups at?

A new documentary is pushing the “absent” Black father nonsense