January 31, 2014

Arizona deputy who shot unarmed man in the back is back on the streets

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On today’s episode of Black Talk Radio News…
The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has put another killer cop back on the streets a week after he shot an unarmed man in the back who was standing with his hands raised in the air.

The Obama administration announced steps it would take to free thousands of non-violent so called drug offenders from the federal prison plantation and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee passed legislation that "reduces the federal prison population" and "decreases racial disparities", the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys released a statement opposing the reform.

A Louisiana mother begged a judge not to sentence her son to life in prison for being a drug addict who was found with a empty bag that contain cocaine residue by police. The judge refused and sentenced the young man to natural life in prison.

Protests of the FIFA World Cup scheduled to be hosted by Brazil is still being met with protesters who say the event is being hosted at the expense of the poor in the country and protests have been ongoing. Over 100 people were arrested after some protesters battled with police who were accused of trying to stop the protest before it was scheduled to be over.

January 30, 2014

Woman arrested for child neglect after power shut off to home less than 24 hours

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 A woman in Spartanburg, South Carolina has been arrested after power was cut off at her home less than 24 hrs before and charged with three counts of child neglect because it was cold in the house. 

 The United States ranked 34th out of 35 countries in child poverty and welfare rankings which barely beats out Romania according to a UNICEF report.. 

 Magic Johnson attacks Dennis Rodman for visiting North Korea. 

 What is “Main Core”? It is a database containing names of people deemed some sort of threat to national security.