March 31, 2012

Innocent teen Devontae Sanford being abused by prison guards

Update on the quest for justice for Devontae Sanford. Devontae Sanford is the young man who at the age of 14 yrs old was coerced into pleading guilty to the Runyon Street killings in Detroit, Michigan. vincent Smothers, the hitman who acutally did the crimes and confessed recently to an Associated Press reporter said he would be willingly to come forward and testify to clear the young man locked up for Smother's crimes.

For a timeline of events click here.

Devontae Sanford recently wrote his mother to inform her he was being harrassed and beaten up by Ionia Correctional Facility prison guards. Taminko Sanford will join us again to share new information in the case and read to us the letter from her son describing the abuse.

March 30, 2012

Ending the Drug War w/ William Cooke

Former Prosecutor William Cooke will join me on the program tonight to discuss ending Drug Prohibition. Another aspect of the Trayvon Martin story is that he was suspended from school for an empty bag of weed according to reports. Would he have been suspended for an empty bag if he had been enrolled in a "private school".

William (Bill) Cooke witnessed firsthand the impact the "War on Drugs" had on many young people during his four years as a prosecutor with Maryland's Attorney's Office for Baltimore City. Kids as young as eleven years old, arrested for possession or sale of drugs, were processed through the system so hastily, he says, that the courtroom became a mere training ground for their criminality as adults, if they lived that long.

March 28, 2012

Presidential Candidate Anisa Abd el Fattah on Police Brutality

Presidential Candidate Anisa Abd el Fattah who joined us earlier this month before the Trayvon Martin story blew up, will give us her thoughts on that case plus the broader issue of police brutality, wanna-be cop killing citizens and the "Stand Your Ground" laws based on the Castle Doctrine.

National call for Black men to mobilize w/ Joseph Guzman

Mr. Joesph Guzman, the friend of Sean Bell who was with him the night he was killed by NYPD Officers and who himself was shot 16 times will be on the program tonight to address Trayvon Martin, the assault on our men, women and children in America and give his thoughts on the efforts to bring George Michael Zimmerman to justice.