December 17, 2012

Indiscriminate acts of terror II


Marty Owings of Minnesota Capital News joins me again to discuss the Sandy Hook Massacre, Mental Health, Gun Ownership and Violence and a newly proposed ban on assault weapons. Do these bans work or are the typical knew jerk reaction from legislators that does not to address the real issues.

Republican and former preacher Mike Huckabee and others are claiming the violence that occurred at Sandy Hook was because God was taken out of schools. Is this a legitimate argument and is their a spiritual side to be looked at?

Does the mother of the Sandy Hook murderer bare some responsibility for the incident since it was her guns that were used and should she have taught a person with mental issues and taking medication how to use firearms? Does this incident teach us common sense approaches to safe gun ownership?

Speaking of mental health issues, has the nation’s reaction collective action towards this tragedy reveal cultural racism? I think so, what about you. How has the nation collectively reacted to news of children being overseas by CIA and Pentagon drone strikes? Is the President going to have the CIA and Pentagon revise their standard operating procedure that currently says the killings of children and other innocent people in US drone strikes are acceptable costs of the "war on terror"?

What about questions about the mental health issues of police officers considering that they too have been killing children in the streets, in their homes, tazering them at their schools. Should cops along with gun owners be required to pass annual mental health screenings? Where is the collective sorrow for all these black people being shot and killed by cops and non-cops alike?