February 4, 2011

Morning News , Views & Music w/ Scotty Reid

Black Talk Radio News & Views w/ Scotty Reid covers national and global social/political news with a focus on the Black community and how it is impacted by political and social policies. The program sometimes features guests who are policy analyst, social activist, politicians, public officials and journalists.

Today's News:

  • The Georgia Green Party works To End Mass Incarceration
  • Homeland Security Report Says FBI & Pentagon Allowed Ft. Hood Massacre To Happen
  • Chokwe Lumumba Says Politics Is Why Barbour Released Scott Sisters
  • Pennslyvania High School Ends Black Mentoring Program
  • Email Proves JP Morgan-Chase Bank Officials Knew About Madoff Ponzi Scheme
  • Republicans Want To Cut Food Stamps and Medical Care For Poor Families
  • Arizona Birthers Work On Birther Legislation To Deny Obama Second Term
  • 24 yr-old Nigerian Man Jailed For Facebook Comments
  • Southern Sudan Fears Poverty Protest Because of Wealth Inequality
  • President Obama, John McCain & Jhon Kerry Call For Change In Egypt Now
  • Right Wing Pundit's Religious Bigotry Works Against Democracy For Egypt

February 3, 2011

Morning News , Views & Music w/ Scotty Reid

Sharing some of the top social-political news of the day and great music from Independent music artists.

News Headlines:

75 years for Taping Police? Illinois man charged with taping courtroom proceedings

Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/Push Coalition Sues For Convicted Cop's Pension

68 Yr-Old Man Shot & Killed In Police SWAT Drug Raid

Violence Spreads In Eygpt & Syrians Call for "Day of Outrage"

Judge Orders LAPD and Sheriffs Department To Turn Over Tape To Mitrice Richardson's Family

Jimmy "Rent Is Too Damn High" McMillan Wants To Run For President with Republicans