December 5, 2012

The Cultural miseducation of African descendant people in America


Amad Shakur is Founder and Director for the Center for the African Diaspora, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Director of Development for the Museum of Muslim Cultures. He is also active in media and host Open Forum on American Muslim 360 and used to host the television show “Islam In View”.

He recently shared his concern over the lack of cultural education for Black people in America’s urban areas. Since we discussed the fictional film “Lincoln He talks to us tonight on Black Talk Radio News and we will ask him if he has seen the film Lincoln directed by Steven Spielberg and if he has any thoughts on it and if he has heard the calls by the Final Call to boycott the film and his thoughts on it.

During the second segment I want to share a documentary on the overthrow of Libya and the assassination of Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi hopefully help listeners gain insight into how Global White Supremacist use America and its western allies to rob African’s of their lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness and prevents its leaders from using Africa’s natural resources not only to better the lives of its inhabitants but to change the global economic balance of power. This will also be an opportunity to show how racial showcasing figures into the plan by getting Black people to shut up about racism/white supremacy.

December 3, 2012

Killer Cleveland Cops shoot unarmed suspects 137 times


The city of Cleveland and the nation is in a uproar over the shooting of unarmed victims Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams last week. Cops claim they were shot at but no weapon was found in the vehicle the two were riding in. Cleveland cops fire over 137 times into the vehicle killing both. A concerned citizen in the area called me to report this incident and Mustafa Davis joins me tonight.

Has a new round of Genocide been decided for the Congo? Is the United States behind the group known as the M23 rebels doing the bidding of Washington, DC and multinational corporations after the Congo's rich mineral deposits. Political analyst Shamus Cooke shares his insight on the issue. I am reminded of Neely Fuller's comments on Racial Population Tailoring.