July 26, 2014

What have Arabs done for Black People?

Black people who are doing all they can to help other black people are under assault for banging on the beast of global white supremacy and Israel who are engaging in genocide against the Palestinian people. Other Black people have been attacked on social media and badgered with the question of "What has the "Arab" done for Black people?" because they lent their voices to the global community to point out that Israel is committing genocide and gross human rights violations.

July 23, 2014

Communities must unite against the police

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The murder of Eric Garner has once again reminded the global black community that black life means little to the police forces of the United States of America. We have only two choices the way I see it, No Justice and No Peace or we can get back to policing the police in our community.

I will also share a bit of American Pre-Revolutionary history and why Americans who considered themselves patriots should recognize Eric Garner as a hero and lobby against police violence and murders in America.

In global news, the racist regime of Benjamin Netanyahu continues its bombardment of the Gaza strip. Besides the loss life, the most troubling thing I have seen in relation to the massacre is that Black people are not only saying they do not care, but some are actively lending aid to the enemy which is racism and the global system of white supremacy, not Palestinians.