May 15, 2013

BTR News: Stop the Genocide Now w/ Carl Dix


Tonight revolutionary brother Carl Dix joins the broadcast to inform us about an upcoming event he and Cornel West will be hosting in NYC to stop the maddening mass incarceration going on in the United States.

"Mass Incarceration + Silence = Genocide. Act to STOP it Now!" Monday May 20, 2013, 7:30pm, The Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew 263 W. 86th St (between Broadway and West End Ave), #1 train to 86th, For tickets: 212-691-3345 or online @

In 1996, Dix co-founded the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of Generation. Most recently, Dix has been a central figure in the campaign to Stop "Stop and Frisk" aimed at opposing the New York Police Department's efforts to stop hundreds of thousands of people in New York City and frisk them for weapons, drugs or other items. Dix has long addressed questions about imperialist war, revolutionary struggles and the oppression of Black people.
Other news out of New York pertaining to the NYPD Gestapo & Frisk campaign against Black people. The newly appointed Black Chief of Department wastes no time in fulfilling his duties as a racially showcased weapon of mass confusion as he goes to a white borough to tell them Gestapo & Frisks is not racial profiling.

Keeping it in NYC, a bronx based Hispanic religious organization shows up to the Gestapo Frisk civil trial to show their support for a suspected racist NYPD Deputy inspector caught on tape telling officers to target Black boys and men.

May 13, 2013

Republican's outrage over Benghazi is fake


Conservatives in Congress just won't let Benghazi go and there is talk about impeaching President Obama concerning lies pertaining to a terrorist attack. Hillary Clinton is another one in their sights but again, this is manufactured outrage as well.  The answer to why four Americans were killed in Benghazi is very simple, tune in for the answer.

Guatemalan dictator and US ally Efrain Rios Montt was found guilty on charges of genocide against Mayan villagers, some are asking if US officials will be charged in connection to their support of genocide in South America. Ronald Reagan staunchly supported this mass murderer and was complicit in many crimes against humanity.

New information on the killing of Malcolm Shabazz brings more questions and suspicions. Two men have been arrested in the murder of the emerging activist but other activist believe the Mexican labor activist Manuel Suarez had something to do with the murder as his story does not pass the smell test.

Today on May 13, 1985, the City of Philadelphia used its police force to commit an act of terrorism against the Move family by dropping a two pound bomb on their home from a helicopter killing several members of the group including children. The resulting fire destroyed over 60 homes.

Racism is not "accidental" it is conscious activity.

This and probably more tonight on Black Talk Radio News.