December 31, 2011

Freedom House: White Supremacy in Egypt

White Supremacist are covertly trying to influence the elections in Egypt. Unhappy that the Muslim Brotherhood, a political organization in Egypt that was banned by the U.S. supported dictator Mubarack, is making political gains, the U.S.A is up to usual tricks of interferring in a sovereign government's internal affairs. Three so-called democracy building NGO's supported directly by U.S. taxpayers funds, were raided today in an investigation of violations of Egyptian law that forbids foriegn money being used to influence elections. Lets take a look at these organizations and try to understand how global white supremacy is spread under the guise of freedom and democracy.

December 28, 2011

Ending the Drug War w/ Stephen Downing

Stephen Downing began his twenty-year police career in a squad car and finished as a deputy chief of police. As Commander of the Bureau of Special Investigations at one point, the Administrative Narcotics Division was one of the divisions within his scope of authority. His vast experience in law enforcement has led him to the conclusion that the War on Drugs can never be worth the human and fiscal costs.

December 26, 2011

What do Ron Paul and Rev. Jeremiah Wright have in common?

Rep. Ron Paul who is leading Iowa polls in the GOP race for the presidential nomination, has right wing exteremist comparing his foreign policy views to those of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. For those who remember media coverage of Obama's first campaign for the Democratic nomination, will remember that Wright was used as weapon to attack President Obama who they say was mentored by Rev. Wright.

Why are Black Democrats afraid of Ron Paul?

Why are all these Writers for Obama attacking Ron Paul rehashing bullshit from 20 years ago? Paul is seeking the Republican nomination not the Democrat nomination which Obama has on lock. It seems to me that these uppity Negroes want Gingrich or Romney to get the GOP nomination? Why are they afraid if Ron Paul gets the nomination?