September 20, 2013

Michael Giles wrongful conviction & Black conservative Lloyd Marcus

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Phyllis Giles talked to us about her son’s case and shared some of the details of this terrible case of injustice. Michael Giles was sentenced to a 25 year mandatory sentence for standing his ground when he was felt his life was in danger from a violent assault from a group of people outside of a sorority party in Florida. He has a petition requesting his sentence be commuted by Governor Rick Scott. 

 We also talked with Lloyd Marcus who is a Black conservative activist and ardent critic of the President. We discussed racial politics, the drug war, slavery, education, and much more. - Free myspace Profile Counter

September 18, 2013

Black attorney says white cop justified in shooting unarmed Black man

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Join Scotty Reid as he discusses some of the political and social news of the day.
  • Black attorney says white cop justified in shooting unarmed Black man in Charlotte, NC.
  • Federal Reserve pumping $85 billion a month in banks, no money for job creation in the Black community
  • Another Black person denied stand your ground in Florida
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Idiot woman in Charlotte, NC gets Black man killed by idiot cop

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Who tries to break into a home after they have had a terrible accident? But that is exactly what a Charlotte woman would have you believe after she racially profiled a young black man, 24yr-old Jonathan Ferrell who went to her home seeking help after a car accident and ended up knocking on the door of this idiot woman. After slamming the door shut in his face, the simpleton then makes a false breaking and entering call to the police.

September 16, 2013

Senior Citizens denied access to HUD programs

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Guest Chester Lee Marks is the founder of the Senior Citizen fight back show broadcasting live on USTREAM every day at 7:00P.M. The Senior Citizen show was created for the homeless people that have been abused, neglected, and treated unfairly to low income housing and who have been denied their constitutional rights.

 Updates on the US Naval Yard shootings and discussing whether or not it meets the Neely Fuller's definition of "Maximum-Emergency Compensatory Action". Police shoot unarmed people in NYC, New York and Charlotte, NC. Except the cop in Charlotte gets charged with a crime while the NYPD will probably award medals. This news and more.... - Free myspace Profile Counter