January 6, 2012

Does it matter if Ron Paul is racist or not?

Ron Paul and his views on the drug war and foreign policy have been getting a lot of media attention as he runs for President hoping to get the Republican nomination. Since he has been surging in the polls, taking third in Iowa and currently surging in New Hampshire, corporate media and black media have made an issue about newsletters published by Paul in the nineties. Paul denies writing the newsletters in question and says they do not reflect his views.

Another publisher and writer, Yvette Carnell has written about the race issue and Ron Paul. Yvette Carnell who publishes the media hub "Breaking Brown" wrote,

"Over the past couple of weeks, two distinct memes about Ron Paul have grabbed hold; 1) Ron Paul is racist 2) a racist should never be President. I submit to you that even if both these suppositions are true, they still don’t matter, certainly not in any meaningful way that actually matters to African Americans." Read more...

I will talk to Yvette Carnell and discuss why racism should not matter in a meaningful way to Black people when it comes to Ron Paul.

January 5, 2012

Who in the black community is standing up to Obama's imperialism?

A few black writers have acknowledged the imperialist policies of the US that continue under the Obama administration but they fail to offer any meaningful solutions. Have black people as a collective sold their souls in the hopes of gainful employment and have cease to be the moral voices agianst injustice committed against the world and right here at home. Many of the loud voices of dissent during the Bush Regime have fell deafly silent as Bush ara policies are continued under the former community organizer from Chicago.

The Eurpoean Union is taking steps to help the U.S.A to impose tougher sanctions on Iran. Where have we seen this before?

January 4, 2012

Ending the Drug War w/ Michael Kahoe

Michael Kahoe served as a special agent for the FBI for 27 years. After graduating law school, he was hired as an agent and spent many years on the street investigating organized crime and public corruption and hunting down fugitives in cities including Atlanta, Cleveland, Gary, and New Orleans. He joined Scotty Reid to discuss why he came to the conclusion that the drug war has been a massive failure and why we need to end prohibition.

Romney, Santorum, Paul & Executive Power

The U.S. has imposed new sanctions on Iran which many analyst say will do nothing to stop it from pursuing its nuclear goals but will impact the average Iranian who is seeing the devaluation of their savings as a result of the sanctions.

Romney, Santorum and Paul finish in that order in the Iowa Caucuses. Assuming that this will be the top tier going forward and with the question of executive power in mind, lets review where these candidates stand on these issues.

January 2, 2012

President Obama hands Al-Qeada final victory

Has President Obama given Al-qaida its final victory? If you believe President Bush then the answer has to be yes. Ron Paul still being questioned about his views on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by the national media. Has the landmark Civil Rights legislation really protected Black people, religious minorities and women from discrimination? Is the national sports media snubbing Black QB phenom Cam Newton after his record setting performance on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints? Does Tebow deserve all the media hype he is getting?

Holocaust Remembrance and the forgotten millions

Today the UN General Assembly remembered the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Turkey, a Muslim nation also observed the day along with many, many other nations. However, lost in all this remembrance is the 9 million non-Jews who perished under the Nazi regime. How do you corner the market on genocide?

And considering that every year the Holocaust is remembered in Israel, how is it that the citizens of Israel and Jews in the Diaspora allow Israel to sow seeds of so much hate by its treatment of the Palestinians and Ethiopian Jews. And how is it that Jews in America who participated in the slave trade of Africans and eugenics program in America are not put on blast just like their Nazi offspring? The Nazis themselves said American policies inspired their policies. The Jews of conscious, who do speak up or out on this hypocrisy, are often marginalized and called self hating Jews.

Tonight I will focus on all the victims of genocide and those who have suffered under the banner of White Supremacy.