September 17, 2015

Origins of "Black On Black Crime" Myth & Black People Promoting It

Today lets discuss the myth of "Black on Black Crime" which is being cited by high profile Black people who may mean well or are caving in to pressure from racists practicing white supremacy. After being criticized by white people, Min. Louis Farrakhan backed off his codified call for 10,000 Black men to address police terrorism and now is saying his comments were a call for Black men to take on "Black on Black Crime".

Ben Carson has been using the "Black on Black Crime" to deflect from questions about addressing police terrorism and the lack of accountability in policing. Since Carson is running for the GOP presidential nomination, it is safe to assume I believe, he is just telling those racist suspect whites that make up the base he needs to advance politically what they want to hear.

Finally, Richard Sherman, the outspoken NFL corner-back for the Seattle Seahawks was recently asked by a member of the press what he thought about "Black Lives Matter". Sherman kind of waffled his answer before redirecting the focus to "Black on Black Crime". Perhaps Sherman was being emotional or worried about losing corporate endorsements.

Lets also discuss the Black and non-white tools of racism I call proxy racist tools or the practice of "Proxy Racism". Unfortunately, Black and other non-white people keep showing up in videos in cases of injustice involving police and its like the elephant in the room no one seems to want to address.

September 15, 2015

Abolishing Private Prisons is key to ending mass incarceration (slavery)

Senator Bernies Sanders is set to introduce a bill in the US Senate to abolish private prisons. As an abolitionists, abolishing private prisons would destroy the private prison lobby which is most responsible for lobbying the US Congress and States to pass despotic laws to incarcerate as many people as possible for as long as possible in the name of generating profit aka modern slavery.

Does Hillary Clinton really have 80% support of Black voters or are these polls nonsense. With the Clinton’s contribution to mass incarceration policies and the fact that Hillary Clinton has private prison lobbyist work for her campaign, how can any self respecting Black voter support more of the same.

September 14, 2015

Getting youth to "walk away" from self-destruction

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and commentary.

During the first hour we will speak with Mr. Michael Passian, the creator and visionary behind Walk Away City Collaborative. Why Walk Away Day? The purpose of walk away day is to empower, encourage and equip young people to be able to walk away from making various negative decisions. We believe that through inspiration, support and a positive activity to replace the negative, these young people can drastically change the course of their lives!

In the news... Is Ben Carson a coward who is afraid to address the bullies and racists in the Republican Party? What do you think about President Obama suggesting that Syrian refugees be taken in by the United States? I think it is bad idea when your supposed ally that gets billions of US tax dollars shares a border with Syria but refusing to take in any refugees from Syria. However, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich supports a plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees over a year. A black cop is blowing the whistle on the NYPD Highway Division, alleging "racism is routine" in the elite unit and there is a quota to write 70 summonses per month, the Daily News has learned.

September 12, 2015

Surprise! NYPD Cop who attacked James Blake has a history of brutality

We are back on air after thunderstorms briefly knocked out power. Today we will look at the news wire and open up the lines for callers. In the news.... The NYPD assault on former tennis pro James Blake has been making the news with some outlets going out of their way to say it wasn't about race. Blake himself has played down the possible racial aspect which is codified and smart on his part. As was the case with Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD cop that killed Eric Garner, the cop in Blake's case also has a history of police brutality lawsuits. New York Daily News reports, Officer James Frascatore, on the force for four years, is a defendant in four ongoing civil cases that charge he and other officers used excessive force during false arrests.

 The dangers of black people severely damaged by white domination that have access to public media. James Blake specifically mentioned the value of having a mic and a platform to express his victimization at the hands of police thugs and issue a public call that bad cops be held accountable for their misconduct. However, unfortunately a black comedian who lives in Charlotte, NC which is fresh off the non-conviction of CMPD cop Randal Kerrick who shot an unarmed Jonathan Ferrell in the chest 10 times, is making uninformed and outright slanderous lies about the James Blake case.

QCB as in Queen City Brother is a local comedian working the club circuit who just happened to intern at Sports Radio station WFNZ and they gave him about 10 mins to tell jokes on air to a mostly southern white male audience that also has a digital radio station with tens of thousands of subscribers.

 There is a problem with white people telling lies in media but when black people do it, it is far more damaging as it helps validate the implicit bias a lot of white supremacist have self tested for in a Harvard study. Perhaps QCB apologizes sometime in the future for trying to be play a reporter on the radio without establishing context and facts before taking to the airwaves to misinform hundreds of thousands of people in 3 mins or less. He should quit his act altogether or at least develop some less offensive material for his 3 min comedy act on white people's radio.

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September 11, 2015

Mr. Lance Matteson SE Seattle (SEED)

SE Seattle

Today we are speaking with Mr. Lance Matteson the SE Seattle (SEED). SE Seattle is involved in building affordable housing and developing businesses within the community to provide jobs. We'll get into some of the details of their vision.

September 4, 2015

News & Open Forum


In the news.... Despite judge's court order, Denver Police and prosecutors still harassing Jury Nullification activists President calls for "reform and redemption" in criminal justice system during NAACP speech Lets look at some of the "recommendations" of President Obama's 21st Century Policy Task Force Criminal misconduct dominates Baltimore police terminations which shows more than just a "few bad apples". A member of Donald Trump's security team stole a banner from a protester and then when the man tried to retrieve his banner, he was assaulted by the man.

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August 31, 2015

Rasheeda Gaye of Mindshift Life

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We will be joined during the first hour by life coach Rasheeda Gaye of Mindshift Life. Mrs. Gaye is PENN STATE grad, certified NLP Life Coach, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reki Practitioner. We will discuss various issues people face related to unconscious mental blocks and societal programming. In the news... Neil deGrasse Tyson makes a interesting post about the jury selection process that again points to why we need a Jury Integrity Act to combat incompetent and implicitly biased (racist) jurors. Suspect arrested in Texas Sheriff deputies killing, authorities blame anti-police terrorism rhetoric as the cause without any evidence. The notoriously anti-black half-white Sheriff David Clarke is at his anti-black, anti-first amendment race-baiting finest in his comments about law enforcement officers being killed. Allen Bullock, the Baltimore youth who smashed a cop car window with a traffic cone during the rebellion that occurred after the killing of Freddy Gray by cops is facing life in prison.
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August 28, 2015

Fukushima related birth defects reportedly on the rise on West Coast

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and commentary.

Today will be joined by Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad who manages the the FB page Asiatic Black Family Health. Our discussion today will center on reports that rates of birth defects are increasing in states located on the west coast. The Fukushima meltdown released a large plume of airborne radiation, which reached the U.S. within five days. Federal measurements of airborne radiation, plus other studies of air, soil, seaweed, and kelp documented the highest environmental radiation levels on the Pacific coast, Alaska, and Hawaii. NPR published a report just days ago that says no one knows what has happened to fuel that was inside the Fukushima reactor.


We also want to discuss possible natural treatments for radiation poisoning that people can consider. In the news.... The corporate media is in hyper-drive concerning the WBDJ shootings in Virginia. While empathize with someone does not mean you condone their actions but many victims of racism in the work place certainly have been in the shoes of Vester Lee Flannagan II and can understand the racism induced PTSD he possibly suffered from. Author David Love published an article that makes interesting observations about the media coverage. In related news, I can not help but associate the stories of the bullying and racial teasing former NFL football player Johnathan Martin says he suffered and why he decided to quit football to work on his mental health and that of Vester Lee Flannagan II who had similar complaints about work place racism but decided to take a different route obviously. I imagine Richie Incognito is breathing a sigh of relief.

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August 25, 2015

One Million Conscious Black Voters & Contributors w/ Marcus Jackson

Tune in for an hour or more news, information and commentary. Today we will be speaking with Marcus Jackson a representative of One Million Conscious Black Voters & Contributors (OMCBV&C).

OMCBV&C is mobilizing at least One Million conscious Black people nationwide to begin voting as an united block of voters. Also, these individuals will contribute funds to both political campaigns and internal initiatives for economic development within our communities. To influence public policy, we will negotiate our One Million votes--and our dollars--to achieve OUR agenda.
Visit OMCBV&C online.

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August 21, 2015

Support groups for those in relationships with prisoners


Tune in for an hour or more or news, information and commentary.

Today we will host a discussion with Darlene Burke of "Ten Toes In" which is an organization that focuses on providing support for those in romantic relationships with individuals who are in prison. In the news... A group of activists have put together a website to put forth political policy agendas from those currently engaged against police terrorism. Let us take a look at Campaign Zero. Senator Marco Rubio follows the lead of Clinton in talking down to so-called "Black Lives Matter" protesters in accusing them of not having a real agenda. However, it is clear from his comments that Rubio's long standing agenda of supporting mass incarceration aka modern slavery is still a priority with him. Activist Shaun King's ethnicity has come under attack by the racist website which is questioning whether or not he lied about his race to secure a grant from Oprah Winfrey. Whether or not Mr. King is Black, half Black or not Black, in terms of justice vs. injustice, what does it matter? A Conservative radio host proposes slavery for illegal immigrants and hints to a caller that it is already legal to enslave people. This news and possibly more today on Black Talk Radio News.

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August 20, 2015

Tremaine Wilbourn, Sean Bolton and PTSD

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and commentary.

Today we will be joined in conversation by New Abolitionist Paul Whaley. Paul Whaley is former military and a former prison guard who has been persuaded to become a 21st Century Abolitionist. The conversation will center around the murder charges levied against Tremaine Wilbourn who says he was defending himself when he killed Memphis cop and former Iraqi combat veteran Sean Bolton. Mr. Whaley like myself, believes there needs to be an organization focused on legal cases like that of Mr. Wilbourn. There is also suspicion that someone if cleaning up the digital footprint of Mr. Bolton and an effort to play down his military training and combat veteran status.

How much do we know about Mr. Bolton but there are plenty of questions about him that need answers because those answers could have wider policy implications like departmental hiring practices. If we consider the likely hood that Sean Bolton saw combat in Iraq and could suffer from PTSD, lets look at the symptoms and the pharmaceutical drugs used to treat PTSD and see if it may explain the aggression Mr. Wilbourn's sister said Boiton used against her brother. 

In the news... Senator Bernie Sanders says he will push a bill to abolish prisons for profit. NYT published an article that documents a crime against patients in a New Orleans hospital during Katrina. Guards assisted hospital staff in killing patients before abandoning the hospital. Black Agenda political analyst Glen Ford delivers critique on BLM Boston's meeting with Clinton, chides group for not having a real agenda and weak set of public demands. Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosbey makes headlines again charging a Baltimore cop with attempted murder in the shooting of unarmed suspect.

August 18, 2015

"Pursuit of a green planet" & Clinton BLM faceoff

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and commentary. During the first hour we will welcome Health Activist, Film Maker, Radio Host, Journalist and Speaker Keith Tucker. We will touch on a number of topics and discuss his documentary "Pursuit Of A Green Planet" which is described as hip-hop meeting the "Green Movement". In the news... The First part of the recording of BLM activists meeting with Hillary Clinton to ASK QUESTIONS after they originally could not get into the town. Pay attention to the words of everyone and see if you can spot acts of deception and a possible practice of white supremacy.


Why do non-white people keep assisting Hillary Clinton in her campaign when there are so many conflicts of interests? To make their life more comfortable on the global plantation.

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August 15, 2015

Open Forum and Week in Review

Today will be an open forum and review of some of the news this week. In the News.... Dhoruba al-Mujahid bin Wahad, an elder in the Black Liberation struggle in the USA was hospitalized after a brutal assault. In the Charlotte, NC manslaughter trial of CMPD cop Randal Kerrick, Kerrick took the stand and made some troubling comments concerning body cams and his victim Johnathan Ferrell. Members of the Huey P Newton gun club and NBPP in Texas marched on the Waller County, Texas jail where Sandra Bland was found dead in a cell. Ferguson has a Black police chief and his record leaves a lot to desire and now we hear that the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is buying chemical crowd control agents from Israel.

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August 10, 2015

Minister Farrakhan's call for 10,000 fearless men

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and commentary. Continuing the conversation from last night's broadcast of Political Prisoner Radio focusing on comments made by Minister Farrakhan which have come under fire from white right wing news media but by other members of the black community particularly those who focus solely on the legislative process to solve the issue of police terrorism across the country that plagues every socio-economic group within the United States
regardless of race.


 What is not being given so much attention by the media is that Minister Farrakhan also called on these 10,000 men to deal with the self hate in the black community that all to often expresses itself in the form of senseless killings of other black people.

 Max Parthas, a host and producer of New Abolitionists Radio spread the message of 21st Century Slavery Abolitionism in an interview with public radio. President Robert Mugabe says he's been snubbed by African leaders and Ivory Coast refused him entry, blames France. There are a lot of things happening globally that we can talk about, listeners are encouraged to share their observations or important news on air. All opinions are welcome.


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Open Forum plus more coverage of Tremaine Wilbourn

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social commentary. Today we will have open forum and callers are the guests. However there are a couple of news story to cover. Is support building for Tremaine Wilbourn among the masses as more people find his claim of self defense against Memphis police officer and Iraq veteran Sean Bolton plausible? Was Tremaine Wilbourn a victim of the systemic torture in US prisons? Where is the dash cam video of Bolton's stop? Does a video exist? A rally was held on the one year anniversary of the murder of John Crawford III by Beavercreek Police which was caught on video. John Crawford Sr. gave a passionate speech calling for armed self defense against police. Is the Black Lives Matter movement now a front for Democratic politics? This is a question that needs to be asked especially so since they took issue with legally armed Open Carry protesters who have rallied for John Crawford since he was gun down in a Walmart holding an air rifle? The republicans had a debate last night, did you watch it and what stood out to you? Hillary Clinton is loosing support among all demographics including white women but she still enjoys great support among Black voters, why is that? This an possibly more today on Black Talk Radio News

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August 7, 2015

Credit workshop w/ Vorriece Whitten Jr. plus news on Memphis cop killing

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social commentary.

Today our guest speaker is Mr. Vorriece Whitten Jr.. The topic of the conversation with Mr. Whitten will center on issues dealing with credit, credit repair and how to properly leverage credit. Build A Score Credit Consultants.

In the news...

Why are people, especially black people seemingly so quick to throw Tremaine Wilbourn under the bus. Is this a programmed response? Are they worried about their "image"? Why isn't it plausible that Mr. Wilbourn was in fear for his life when every 28 hours a black person is killed by law enforcement, security guards and vigilantes?

Do we need to crowdfund our own legal defense organizations? The work of the Innocence project is great but how about an organization outside of the under funded over worked public defenders office? I know attorney's do pro-bono work but apparently not enough to resist the injustices that plague this system.

August 4, 2015

Black Business spotlight w/ developer Myron Anderson

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social commentary.

 Today we will speak with Myron Anderson who is a mobile app developer and the creator of "SelfieHeat" which can be found in the iTunes app store. Mr. Anderson wanted to "give users a chance to participate in this new steam of increased revenues generated as a result of the tremendous interest in selfie postings. Therefore we created “SelfieHeat” which allows users to post their selfies and win exciting prizes simply by creating a free account with us."

 In the news... Update on three white men arrested in Gaston County, NC which the local media painted yesterday as a possible terrorist plot.

 Civilian Complaint Review Board ordered by New York judge to release complaints it has received about Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD cop who put Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold resulting in his death just over a year ago in Staten Island.

 Man who is accused of killing the Memphis neo-slave catcher turned himself in. A person on social media suggests that a legal defense fund be started for him.

 The racist monument honoring white supremacists in Charlotte, NC was hit again after being cleaned up from the previous act of civil disobedience in defacing it. This is occurring while a former CMPD white cop is on trial for gunning down an unarmed Black man.

Behavioral psychologist Dr. William J. Lewinski  who trains law enforcement officers to shoot first and deal with the consequences later is profiting mightily when they go to trial and he is called upon to testify on their behalf, reports the New York Times.

Behavioral psychologist Dr. William J. Lewinski who trains law enforcement officers to shoot first and deal with the consequences later is profiting mightily when they go to trial and he is called upon to testify on their behalf, reports the New York Times.[/caption] Psychologist who trains cops to shoot first, ask questions later makes big money at their trials.

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August 3, 2015

“Hands Up Don’t Shoot Our Youth Movement” w/ Ralph L. Crowder III

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social commentary. Our guest today is Ralph L. Crowder III who is the filmmaker of the documentary “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Our Youth Movement”.

 Artist Statement: On the day of Mike Brown’s funeral in Ferguson, Missouri, there was an atmosphere of rest and calm in the people’s struggle for justice. It created a unique opportunity to engage a needed black perspective of media communication in which a video camera was rolling, and captured a wide range of voices. The input on the death of Mike Brown and the uprising of young black youth is the centerpiece of discussion in this very important news documentary regarding the climate and conditions of Ferguson, Missouri (Anywhere U.S.A.).

 In the news... In the context of slavery, the Memphis cop killing was justified and the Memphis police have a history of killing Black people like Darrius Stewart....Minister tells Law Enforcement Against Prohibition that he witnessed the CIA involvement in smuggling cocaine into the USA during the 80s...Possible white supremacist/confederate terrorist plot uncovered in Gaston County, NC?....Mugabe revives Gaddafi's United States of Africa dream!...Opening statements in Charlotte, NC killer cop trial indicates defense strategy of demonizing the victim Johnathan Ferrell.

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July 31, 2015

Reversing Racial Showcasing

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social commentary. Today will be open forum but would like to discuss strategies for dealing with police violence through politics. 

In the news.....

South Carolina cop kills unarmed white teen, where is the outrage and corporate media coverage?
New Jersey State Trooper shoots into car full of white teens for knocking on his door at night
Offers pour in to help pay killer cop Ray Tensing’s bail and legal bills
Federal government finds St. Louis County Family Court discriminates against black children
White male in Louisiana assaults black child in a terrorist attack and is out of jail already on a $10,000 dollar bond

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July 30, 2015

The Civil War ain’t over with battles yet to fight

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social commentary. No guest speakers scheduled for today but plenty to discuss. In the news…
This news and possibly more today plus your calls!

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July 28, 2015

Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson tested by recent NYPD assault on unarmed man HR 1

During hour one we discussed the NYPD making headlines again for all the wrong reasons as a patron at a Flatbush Target captured a gang of thugs cops on video from the 70th precinct brutally beating a man while apprehending him for a unknown alleged criminal offense. Flatbush has a history of mistreating African descendant people going back to the days when it was a Dutch colony engaged in human trafficking. This attack on a defenseless man occurred in the Brooklyn District which is the area served by Prosecutor Ken Thomas.

During hour two we discussed a Maryland report that shows people with principles have committed another act of civil disobedience in defacing another memorial to white supremacists. It is being reported that homeland security and the FBI spied on Black Lives Matter activists but it should not be shocking to anyone as they did the same thing to Occupy Wall Street activist including an alleged assassination.  

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African/Black Empowerment w/ Temple of New African Thought Hr 3

During the third hour we continued to cover police terrorism and whether or not the mass media is creating a false perception that there are no white Sandra Blands as Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders seems to believe.

African/Black Empowerment w/ Temple of New African Thought Hr 2

During hour two we wrapped up the conversation with our guest closing out by discussing lobbyist and the Black community. The Waller County Prosecutor claimed that Sandra Bland killed herself because she had cannabis in her system and he repeated old debunked associations between marijuana and suicide.

African/Black Empowerment w/ Temple of New African Thought Hr 1

During hour one we spoke with Minister Ausar and Brother Sankofa from the Baltimore based Temple of New African Thought. African/Black Empowerment was the topic and a conversation was had on not only what Black people as a group should be doing in politics and institution building but suggestions on what they collectively should stop doing to each other as much as possible.

July 24, 2015

Racism, Hillary Clinton, The Anti-Defamation League and more…

Today will be open lines throughout the program as we go over some of the latest news headlines.

 In the News....

 North Carolina Supreme Court upholds legislation that allows for parents to get school vouchers for private schools. Three white terrorist suspects menaced a Black Church in North Carolina, more details emerge. Inspectors general for the State Department and intelligence agencies asked DOJ to open criminal investigation after finding Hillary Clinton’s private account potentially contained hundreds of classified emails, Several lobbyist for biggest private prison enslavers are working for the Clinton campaign for President,  Commission on Religion and Racism is ready to dig up the bones of Confederate General and vile white supremacist Nathan Bedford Forrest, The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is being taken to task by Black Lives Matter demonstrators for honoring racist policing, This news and possibly more. Questions, comments or news to report? Give us a call!

Former Black Panther Elmer Dixon on Community Control of Police

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social/political commentary.

The police violence in the United States continues unabated and since the illegal arrest of Sandra Bland that resulted in her being found dead in a Texas jail cell, we heard news yesterday that the Fairfax County Police Department has completed its investigation of the jail house killing of Natasha McKenna and has cleared the six deupties of the Fairfax County jail of wrong doing even though the woman was fully restrained and tased up to four times. According to the database Killed By Police, as of today the police in the United States have killed 651 people.

Today we will be speaking with Black Panther member Elmer Dixon. Elmer and his brother Aaron Dixon co-founded the Black Panther Party chapter in the Seattle, Washington. We will speak with Mr. Dixon about using the organizing strategies used by the BPP in today's struggles for justice. We would like to focus much of the attention on organizing against police brutality and communities gaining control over their local police.

In the news... Fairfax County Police Department clears Fairfax Sheriff Deputies of murdering Natasha McKenna North Carolina legislature moves to protect racist Confederate monuments Country's youngest person convicted of murder nears prison release 

July 21, 2015

It is hot in the South

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social/political commentary.

 Today the phone lines are open from 4:10pm est until the end of the program. Share your news, thoughts and solutions to any particular problem. It is hot in the South and incidents of racial violence are occurring more frequently it seems since the terrorist organization affiliated with white supremacy held a rally in Columbia, South Carolina, protesting the removal of the confederate flag from the place of honor it was given on State House grounds. Seemingly because of the white racist terrorist Dylan Roof, more of the masses of people across the planet are correctly associating the confederate flag with white terrorist aggression against non-white people in the United States. 

23-year-old Dustin Lowery is a 6'4" 260lb white construction worker who terrorized a black family in a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina restaurant. He stands accused  of assaulting a white waitress who asked him to leave the business. He has not been charged with a hate crime or anything related to terrorism.

 After the white supremacist rally concluded in Columbia on Saturday, video surfaced of a group of young black males violently welcoming a white supremacist terrorist suspect to Columbia.

 Also on Saturday, a white male in Gaston County, North Carolina which borders South Carolina, reported to 911 services that his vehicle was shot up and that he was no longer to fly the confederate flag.

 Speaking of the traitor's terrorist confederate flag, a Black man and woman who support the Confederacy, were involved in an auto accident and the man died. The black female is trying to blame it on a group of unidentified Black males. Using the attacks on the military targets in Chattanooga, Tennessee where five marines were reportedly killed by a gunman,

Unlike Sandra Bland who video shows never touched a Texas officer but was charged with assaulting one, the white male who was arrested in Tennessee has not been charged with assaulting that police officer.

July 18, 2015

Black Unity & Counter Racism demonstrations

Tune in for a special Saturday broadcast on the Black Educators for Justice and the KKK terrorist rally on the South Carolina state house grounds in Columbia.

July 17, 2015

Open Lines Friday & Black Business Spotlight on #MyCoCreations

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social/political commentary.

Today our Black Business spotlight is on MyCoCreations and we are joined my the founder Ms. Arminda Colón (Cologne). Ms. Colón will be speaking to us about the possible dangers of GMO food contaminating the human gene supply. The importance of learning how to grow food and herbs and the concept of "Grow What You Can".

In the news... A number of items in the news to track like racist white terrorism, the apparent jailhouse murder of Sandra Bland and more.