November 9, 2013

Increasing racism and terrorism against Africans in Israel

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Israeli based journalist David Sheen has been documenting the increasing racism and terrorism against people of African descent in Israel and he joins us tonight to discuss the ugly truth that is being suppressed by the mainstream media and other organizations.

David is holding a fundraiser to publish a book documenting the human rights abuses committed against African descendant people in Israel so that Israel and the United States can no longer keep this dirty secret.
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November 4, 2013

Gerard Wiley of HempireWorks International

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Gerard Wiley is the President and Industry Relations Officer for HempireWorks International LLC. HempWorks is asking the President of the United States to stop the constitutional and human rights violations of  Ras-Tafarian individuals, families and organizations that use cannabis both recreationally and as religious sacraments. We Will also discuss the history of industrial hemp and the emerging industry and how both taxes on hemp and cannabis sales can be used to pay reparations to those who at one time were forced to farm hemp in the United States for enslavers making it into one of the first billion dollar cash crops.

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