May 31, 2013

The Racially Showcased weapons of mass confusion


Tonight we welcome King Talisman Thomas to discuss "Name Sake Day" and get more information on the concept behind this proposed holiday. "This is our Era and we have to honor the men and women that die for what's right and what they believe in. There is rampant corruption, crooked politicians, police officers abusing their authority, and government owned farms (Monsanto) that poison our food and water supply (Fluoride). This day is to honor those Officers, Sheriffs, & soldiers that questioned and fought back against their chain of command or voiced themselves against the corruption inside their own environments."

During the second half of the program, I want to discuss "racial showcasing". Neely Fuller Jr. came up with a term called Racial Showcasing as on of the four things that racists will be doing. While he explained it terms involving the showcasing of Black people with wealth to disarm anyone who would argue that non-white people living in poverty are in poverty because of racism white supremacy and that everyone has the same opportunities to become wealthy. However, I have adopted and expanded this term to apply to more than just unequal wealth distribution to include the area of politics which impacts just about every other "people activity" on the planet. Now when it comes to the "racially showcased" being used as weapons of mass confusion, unfortunately confusion comes in when it comes to how to deal with them.

May 29, 2013

Did IBM undermine Black owned business IRP Solutions?


Tonight I will be joined by Sam Thurman the President of A Just Cause and Cliff Stewart to discuss the case of six executives of IRP Solutions, five Black and one White, who they say have been wrongly convicted of fraud related crimes. Interestingly IRP Solutions was in competition with IBM to create software related to electronic warrants for the city of Philadelphia with the Office of the Inspector General OIG).

IBM had a contract to build an electronic search warrant capability but was failing (not delivering) and after a demo of IRP's capabilities, Philadelphia was ready to do business with IRP Solutions. IBM's project managers realized that they might be out and IRP in, so they went to the managers within the OIG and presented a newspaper article showing that IRP was under investigation according to A Just Cause.

In other news, a former Guatemalan President, Alfonso Portillo was extradited to the United States on money laundering charges.

While I'm no fan of the racially showcased rapper Jay-Z, I have to question the motivations of the investigation by the NFL Players Association into Roc Nation Sports over the signing of Geno Smith to their sports agency.

A new group has launched on FaceBook which is recruiting 21st Century Abolitionists to engage in aggressive non-violent actions targeting 21st Century Slave Traders and Human Traffickers.