August 3, 2013

The Week In Review & Open Lines 8/2/2013

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Review of some of the news and issues of the past week and a look back at some of the programming highlights on Black Talk Radio Network. - Free myspace Profile Counter

August 1, 2013

Cleo Manago says Don Lemon just doing his job

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Tonight we welcome back Cleo Manago to Black Talk Radio News. Mr. Manado is is founder and CEO of the Black Men's Xchange (BMX) (, the nation's oldest and largest community-based movement devoted to promoting healthy self-concept and behavior among diverse males of African-descent. We will hear his views on why corporate media is responsible for Don Lemon's "anti-Black and ill-informed rant about Black people".

Wife of near brain dead rocker Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne launched blamed black people for white pop star Justin Bieber's thuggish behavior. So apparently behaving badly equates to being Black.

I can not help but wonder why there is very little attention from Black media outlets or out of the mouths of so-called civil rights leaders that the President's administration is refusing to release the mostly Black victims sentenced to prison under racist drug laws when the courts have said these men and women should be set free. Actually I do know, racism and white supremacy and a whole lot of black people are not interested in justice.

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July 30, 2013

Don Lemon's walk on the white supremacy side

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Don Lemon, the Black male host of CNN is a news reporter making the news by agreeing with a racist FOX News host about ratcheness of Black people. Don Lemon went further to say that he thought Bill O'Reilly should step up his ant-black comments disparaging members of the Black community. Lets examine and break down why Don Lemon, a racially showcased Black male on a major news network would encourage a racist White male to engage in racist propaganda.

Is the Rev. Al Sharpton in bed with News Corp (Fox News)? The executive director of Sharpton's National Action Network says yes and she is on the "Diversity Board" of News Corp.

Bill Thompson has given the best speech by a Black political leader on the murder of Trayvon Martin to date.

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