August 23, 2013

US media propaganda push for war in Syria

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Join Black Talk Radio News host Scotty Reid as he discusses some of the political and social news of the day and past week.

No need for new Low Power FM stations as technology has rendered it obsolete and consumers choose choose on demand content over AM/FM radio. US corporate media pushing war propaganda to force US into another war. Conservative media hypocrites promote racial profiling.

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August 22, 2013

Atlanta area school under siege

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Atlanta school under siege, NSA reveals it broke more laws, Bradley Manning gets 35 years, Ron Paul supports Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, Chemical weapons allegedly used in Syria again. - Free myspace Profile Counter

August 19, 2013

Exerting African Sovereignty Rights in America

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Tonight’s program will look at Sovereignty Rights as a viable option for the descendants of enslaved Africans in America. We welcome Bro. Reggie Mabry and Prof. Patrick Delices to educate us on the issue.

A of the points they will speak on are as follows.

1)The United States Government has given the Native Americans three important rights that we are similarly situated to have and why they are important.

2) The Reparations case has been lost in Federal Court – Farmer-Paelman vs  Fleet Boston and if we try it again - we must cure the deficiencies. We have found that Protected Status for Descendants of the Sovereign Africans who were made slaves is now necessary for any reparations.  Without making ourselves into a protected class – we have no claim against corporations – We are time barred and we cannot sue the Federal Government.

3) Our Rights and Arguments are in the Marshall Trilogy – Particularly Worchester v Georgia.

4) The Moorish arguments will not help us.

5) Ramifications for Haiti, the Caribbean, Africans in Europe, and Africans in Africa.

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