July 24, 2015

Racism, Hillary Clinton, The Anti-Defamation League and more…

Today will be open lines throughout the program as we go over some of the latest news headlines.

 In the News....

 North Carolina Supreme Court upholds legislation that allows for parents to get school vouchers for private schools. Three white terrorist suspects menaced a Black Church in North Carolina, more details emerge. Inspectors general for the State Department and intelligence agencies asked DOJ to open criminal investigation after finding Hillary Clinton’s private account potentially contained hundreds of classified emails, Several lobbyist for biggest private prison enslavers are working for the Clinton campaign for President,  Commission on Religion and Racism is ready to dig up the bones of Confederate General and vile white supremacist Nathan Bedford Forrest, The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is being taken to task by Black Lives Matter demonstrators for honoring racist policing, This news and possibly more. Questions, comments or news to report? Give us a call!

Former Black Panther Elmer Dixon on Community Control of Police

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The police violence in the United States continues unabated and since the illegal arrest of Sandra Bland that resulted in her being found dead in a Texas jail cell, we heard news yesterday that the Fairfax County Police Department has completed its investigation of the jail house killing of Natasha McKenna and has cleared the six deupties of the Fairfax County jail of wrong doing even though the woman was fully restrained and tased up to four times. According to the database Killed By Police, as of today the police in the United States have killed 651 people.

Today we will be speaking with Black Panther member Elmer Dixon. Elmer and his brother Aaron Dixon co-founded the Black Panther Party chapter in the Seattle, Washington. We will speak with Mr. Dixon about using the organizing strategies used by the BPP in today's struggles for justice. We would like to focus much of the attention on organizing against police brutality and communities gaining control over their local police.

In the news... Fairfax County Police Department clears Fairfax Sheriff Deputies of murdering Natasha McKenna North Carolina legislature moves to protect racist Confederate monuments Country's youngest person convicted of murder nears prison release 

July 21, 2015

It is hot in the South

Tune in for an hour or more of news, information and social/political commentary.

 Today the phone lines are open from 4:10pm est until the end of the program. Share your news, thoughts and solutions to any particular problem. It is hot in the South and incidents of racial violence are occurring more frequently it seems since the terrorist organization affiliated with white supremacy held a rally in Columbia, South Carolina, protesting the removal of the confederate flag from the place of honor it was given on State House grounds. Seemingly because of the white racist terrorist Dylan Roof, more of the masses of people across the planet are correctly associating the confederate flag with white terrorist aggression against non-white people in the United States. 

23-year-old Dustin Lowery is a 6'4" 260lb white construction worker who terrorized a black family in a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina restaurant. He stands accused  of assaulting a white waitress who asked him to leave the business. He has not been charged with a hate crime or anything related to terrorism.

 After the white supremacist rally concluded in Columbia on Saturday, video surfaced of a group of young black males violently welcoming a white supremacist terrorist suspect to Columbia.

 Also on Saturday, a white male in Gaston County, North Carolina which borders South Carolina, reported to 911 services that his vehicle was shot up and that he was no longer to fly the confederate flag.

 Speaking of the traitor's terrorist confederate flag, a Black man and woman who support the Confederacy, were involved in an auto accident and the man died. The black female is trying to blame it on a group of unidentified Black males. Using the attacks on the military targets in Chattanooga, Tennessee where five marines were reportedly killed by a gunman,

Unlike Sandra Bland who video shows never touched a Texas officer but was charged with assaulting one, the white male who was arrested in Tennessee has not been charged with assaulting that police officer.