March 31, 2011

Libyan Conflict Gets More Complex and Ohio Republicans Now Attacking Union Collective Bargaining Rights

The international conflict in Libya just got a whole lot more complex as the Sudanese government is reportedly secretly providing use of its airspace to bomb Libya.

Is this payback to Gaddafi who had argued for immunity on the African continent for Sudanese President Bashir who has been accused of committing war crimes in his country against rebels. One Sudanese official is claiming that Gaddafi was supplying the rebels of southern and other regions of Sudan in their war against Bashir's government.

Also throwing out the question on why Geroge Bush is so hated in the Black community when he provided 18 billion dollars to Africa to fight against HIV/AIDS. Most of Gaddafis US supporters cite money provided to other African countries by Gaddafi as the basis of their support and Gaddafi was allied with Bush so why the hypocrisy?

Labor battle taking shape in Ohio as Republicans move on a bill seen as hostile to unions.

March 29, 2011

Analyzing the Libyan Uprising - Al Qeada or CIA Inspired?

President gave a speech to the American people saying that regime change is not the goal of the United States military action in Libya. Minister Louis Fharrakahn has said that the CIA is behind the uprising in defense of Libyan leader Gaddafi and heavily chatised President Obama's handling of the situation.

On the other hand Gaddafi has said that the West is not interested in seeing Libya fall into chaos and dismissed CIA plots against his government as being conspiracy fanaticism.

Scotty Reid talked to Mr. T West of Afrisynergy who issued a scathing rebuke of US agression against Gaddafi in a Youtube post. There are also some new developments in the case of Bobby Yates, a disabled Black man living in Texas who has been charged with felony sexual assualt on a child even though he lost his lower limbs and penis due to an hunting accident 20 years ago.