April 10, 2015

Open Forum and War Reports

Tune in for day's news and war reports from Battle Field America. Continuing coverage of the execution of Walter Scott, debtors prisons and the continued killing and brutalization of residents by cops.

April 9, 2015

North Charleston Police Conspiracy & A Trillion Dollar Injustice

During the first hour we will open up the phone lines and as more information comes out surrounding the murder of Walter Scott by North Charleston Police officer Michael Slager, questions should be raised about the conspiracy to cover up the murder of Mr. Scott. Obviously, based on what occurred after the murder of Mr. Scott should result in more charges against those officers who filed false incident reports. The entire police department should be investigated because of the way it covered up another case where an unarmed man was tazed by former Officer Michael Slager for no reason according to witnesses.

This case also highlights the dangers of proxy racism in a system built on white supremacy.

We will look at the past few days of casualty reports of people killed by police in the USA.

During the second hour we will be joined by activist Sean Farhad Jamadar o discuss the US Domestic Drug War which is really a scheme to profit off the illegal drug trade and fund off the books CIA secret operations.

Mr. Jamadar also says in the petition "A Trillion Dollar Injustice",

"The War on Drugs is an unjust conflict that illegally targets the poor and marginalized citizens of the United States. We ask the courts to award monetary compensation in the number of 1 Trillion dollars to the victims of this Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization."

In related news, the NSA and DEA are being exposed once again for collaborating on illegally spying on people globally.

April 8, 2015

DeLand, Fla conspiricy to cover up police killing of Marlon Brown

Tune in for the day's news and war reports from Battle Field America. During the first hour, Krystal Brown, the widow of Marlon Brown will speak to us about the Deland Police killing of her husband. New evidence has emerged and a former assistant Medical Examiner reveals that they were forced to change the report.

 Click Orlanda reported, In one affidavit, Dr. Shiping Bao, who performed the first autopsy on Brown says: “I was required by Chief Medical Examiner Marie A. Herrmann to change my report to indicate the cause of death to be mechanical asphyxia and that there was no evidence that Mr. Brown was struck by a police cruiser. Chief medical examiner's Herrmann's changes are contrary to the evidence presented to me at the time of my postmortem examination.” Bao was later fired by the Medical Examiner's Office.

The family along with other members of the community will be participating in a police terrorism rally tonight at 7pm EST at the City Commission Meeting located at Deland City Hall, 120 S Florida Ave, Deland, Fl.

 During the second segment we will open up the phone lines for listener commentary and/or questions as we look at the weekend casualty report and the latest racism/terrorism report. Also, did anyone hear about or read about the great anti-racism anti terrorism video produced by Clemson Students about Tillman Hall that was made weeks ago?