May 19, 2012

Black Talk Radio w/ Lorenzo "Komboa" Ervin

Talking to Bro. Lorenzo "Komboa" Ervin tonight on Political Prisoner Radio. Bro. Ervin is a former political prisoner, former Black Panther, long-time Black anarchist organizer, author, and currently working in Memphis on a conference and major activity to uplift the Black community. 
 He is an Ex-Political prisoner confined after activism in the military against the Vietnam war, then civil rights activism in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Ciommittee, and a brief stint in the Black Panther Party. After COINTELPRO repression of the Black Left, he was imprisoned with two Life sentences for hijacking a plane to Cuba in 1969. Was a Black prisoner organizer and leader during the high stage of the Attica-era Black and revolutionary prison movement, was a leader of the federal prisoners union and part of the labor organizing and strike wave in the federal and state prison systems in the early to mid 1970's, was an active campaigner against the Behavior Modification and Control Unit program that officials established in the 1970's to put down the radical prisoners movement in federal and state prisons.

Was released in 1984, served 15 years before he was freed by an international "Free Lorenzo" movement, led by the Anarchist Black Cross, and other movements. 

 Bro. Ervin is now working with other activists to have a Black power conference on June 9, 2012 called "Let's Organize the Hood", where issues related to mass imprisonment will be discussed, and a new movement will be created around the issue. He and his wife, JoNina Ervin, are both authors, with his forthcoming book, "Let's Organize the Hood" by August 2012, and his wife's book, "Driven By the Movement: Interviews with Black Power Activists of the 1960's and 70's" already in print, the latter of which can be ordered from her directly at


May 17, 2012

Ending the Drug War w/ LEAP & Patrick Nightingale

Ending the Drug War w/ LEAP welcomes back Mr. Patrick Nightingale back to the program. As both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, he has seen the devastating effect of mandatory minimum sentencing schemes where young people full of potential find them selves saddled with a felony narcotics trafficking convictions and warehoused in jails for selling a couple of grams of drugs, even if they have no prior criminal record. Before I get to my interview with Mr. Nightingale, I will discuss the new "Black Codes" also known as drug laws and my strong belief that these laws are being used to maintain slavery in the United States.

May 15, 2012

Same-sex Marriage & State Sponsored Slavery

Is the Black community showing signs that it may not turn out for the 2012 election over same-sex marriage issues. Are they showing signs that they are tired of being told to shut up, get in line and march for the President when he seems to ignore issues plaguing our communities? Can he win re-election without a high turnout from Black voters who backed him in 2008? The President's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright told the author of a new book critical of Obama, that the Obama campaign through a surrogate offered Wright a $150,000.00 pay off to keep quiet and stop speaking publicly. Wright also disclosed the President told him that his problem was always telling the truth. What do you think, big deal or not? Is a suspected Nazi guilty of murdering 16 yr. old Jasmine Thar or is it really an accident. Will you commit to occupy the jury box against all non-violent drug crimes. Help put an end to mass incarceration and state sponsored slavery.