April 27, 2013

The Obama administration's plan to end drug war is BS


Join Scotty Reid as he reviews some of the day's political and social news headlines.

Tonight I will be joined by a mother in Louisiana looking for answers about why Washington Police officers abused and bruised her daughter. Angel Joubert-Duplechain says that her daughter was walking with a friend who was in engaged in an altercation to leave the Catfish Festival in Washington, La when officers stopped them and refused to answer questions about why they could not leave the premises. Instead of acting in a professional manner, the officer became belligerent when Jasemine asked to call her mother.

The Obama administration is making a lot of noise about ending the so-called Drug War that has been waged mainly against non-white communities and countries. They have even gotten racially showcased people over at the NAACP to endorse their strategy. So will anything change? Will that stop drug raids? Will they stop arresting people for possessing marijuana the most popular plant in America? I will give you my thoughts as one who has studied the issue since 2008.

The most psycho-pathetic nation on earth is pushing for yet another military engagement. Like the Roman mobs of old, many conservatives and their Zionist allies are screaming for Syrian blood as if they really give a damn about the Syrian people. The same line that was used by the Bush administration about chemical weapons is being used again to push the Obama administration to put boots on the ground in Syria.

As the hunger strike continues among detainees in America's torture gulag in Cuba, more details are emerging about some of the detainees and their mistreatment by the dishonorable men and women of the US military.

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April 24, 2013

Who is and isn't a sell out in the Black community


Following up on a social media conversation about Shaquille O'Neal's and his business partners decision to ban the documentary about former Black panther Mumia Abu Jamal from a theater they operate in Newark, New Jersey. Many people are calling Shaq a sell out but that label is often misapplied.

White people now have a scientific excuse for racism and lack of empathy for non-white people who suffer oppression according to a study I came across from 2010. Interesting reading that explains a lot but not sure it answers all the questions. I wonder if the results could also apply to Black people who have a lack of empathy for other non-white victims of America's so-called war on terrorism or is it something else warping their senses.

More updates on the Jasmine Thar case and the reactions to the families decision to pursue a civil lawsuit. Jasmine Thar was killed when a rifle belonging to James Blackwell allegedly misfired while he was taking it out to clean.

More evidence surfaces in the Marathon Bombing case that the US government was negligent in its handling of information supplied to various agencies about the suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev or they allowed it to happen. Similar language is being used that was used to excuse why the suspects involved in the Sept 11, 2001 attacks were not detected. The similarities do not stop there.

April 22, 2013

Dr. King was skeptical about school integration


Today the Columbus County District Attorney Jon David announced that there will be no criminal charges against James Blackwell, the man who shot and killed Charlotte, NC teen Jasmine Thar and injured two others over a year ago.

Tamerlan Tsamaev, the oldest and now deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect is being called a militant in the news media. The US govt is still trying to make the Al Qaeda connection while they fund Al-Qaeda linked groups fighting against Syria. A reporter asks the WH press secretary if the US govt bombing and killing of civilians is an act of terrorism.

Ron Paul states that the Republican party is not interested in the youth vote.

And lastly, I learned today that Dr. Martin Luther King was skeptical about the integration of public schools and certainly no one can argue today that the public school system has not served Black children well.

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