May 26, 2012

Bullying contributes to 7yr old's death

Bullies contribute to seven year old's death, Support grows for anti-bullying ordinances in wake of 7 year old's suicide in Detroit, 9yr old student beaten on playground suffers concussion, Obama, Romney at odds with majority of U.S. voters on Drug Policy , Obama tells Republicans his brand of U.S. imperialism is better than theirs, Sting video about N.C. voting called incorrect, infuriating'.

May 25, 2012

Free Sekou Odinga, Free the land, Free the Republic of New Afrika

Sis. Dequi Kioni-Sadiki talked to Scotty Reid of Black Talk Radio about the condition of enslaved African descendant people living within the United States and taught us the difference between a political prisoner which the United States do not recognize just as they do not recognize they are holding prisoners of war. Sis. Kioni-Sadiki is married to current POW Sekou Odinga and she is active in the struggles against police violence, criminal justice, and women's reproductive rights. She also educated us on the movement Bro. Odinga was involved in to establish an independent Black nation on the North American continent called the Republic of New Afrika.

She is a former member of the Black Panther Collective, the NYC Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, and now serves as co-chair of the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee of which Baba Herman Ferguson serves as Chairman Emeritus. She served as national co-chair of the People of African Decent Caucus for the Washington, DC based United States Student Association, and currently works with the NYC Jericho Movement in the campaign to free united states political prisoners and prisoners of war. Dequi is an artist, poet, public speaker, educator for liberation and WBAI radio producer.

 In 1983 Bro. Sekou Odinga was convicted of charges for the liberation of Assata Shakur and the expropriation of an armored truck and was sentenced to 40 years and a $50,000 fine. He was also convicted of New York State charges which arose out of the capture and the murder of his comrade Mtayari S. Sundiata and was sentenced to 25 years to life to be served consecutively to the federal sentence. He is a freedom fighter, fighting for the freedom, liberation and self-determination of our people.

On Jan. 24, 1979 the United Nations passed a specific resolution stating that the General Assembly declares that Freedom Fighters captured during the struggle for liberation must be entitled to Prisoner of War status in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Geneva Convention. Since his imprisonment he has seen many loved ones pass away without being able to say goodbye, including his grandparents, parents, an older sister and two brothers. The biggest loss of all was his dear son Yafeu A. Fula. In the rap world he was known as Yaki Kadafi of the Outlawz, back up group and collaborator with Tupac Shakur. Much more info on this heroic freedom fighter is available at

May 24, 2012

The mandatory sentencing laws are destroying lives & families

Nate Bradley spent almost seven years in his dream job as a police officer, first serving in the small police department of Wheatland, CA, then as a deputy for the Sutter County Sheriff. He decided he wanted to be a cop when he was a young boy and a local deputy sheriff helped him after he was assaulted by neighborhood bullies. After graduating from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Academy in 2002, Nate was hired by the Wheatland police department in Yuba county, where he was responsible for everything from background investigations to working on the multiagency gang task force. The majority of his law enforcement career was spent working with local communities and neighborhoods to reduce crime and address community problems. He loved police work, but being witness to the consequences of drug prohibition made him seriously question how arresting people for possession of drugs made society safer.

Nate says enforcing drug laws is dangerous for police and cites the mandatory minimum laws as a culprit. "When someone is a third striker [under California's three-strikes law] and is going to prison for 25 years to life, he or she is more likely to pull out a gun as I walk up to the car." He also believes a system of legalized and regulated drugs will increase the safety of people addicted to drugs. "Our neighborhoods are filled up with addicts. As long as they're considered criminals, we're not going to be able to help them."

May 23, 2012

Why the Obama Administration should pardon Clarence Aaron

Among the stories we are looking at tonight is the case of Clarence Aaron who is a victim of America's hypocritical Drug War. According to recent Washington Post article, "At 24, he was sentenced to three life terms for his role in a cocaine deal, even though it was his first criminal offense and he was not the buyer, seller or supplier of the drugs. Of all those convicted in the case, Aaron received the stiffest sentence.".

Aaron Martin, cousin of Clarence Aaron talks to us about the case. petition. SignOn.Org petition. 

Ron Paul recently penned an op-ed piece on Indefinite Detentions. Sadly, too many Americans are oblivious to provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act recently signed into law by President Obama.

There is a bill in California which would remove the "felon" label from persons formerly incarcerated. Felony labels according to many researchers have resulted in the former plantation prisoners from obtaining employment and staying out of prison. A group of prosecutors and cops oppose the bill.

May 22, 2012

Zimmerman on Dangerous Drugs, People Obama should pardon and NAACP Gay Marriage Decision

The NAACP has officially endorsed Gay Marriage framing it as a civil rights issue, will this cause a rift in the membership base with many of its chapter presidents being pastors of Christian churches. Will it cause other religious based organizations to shun the group? Who is Clarence Aaron and why should Obama pardon him? Latest in the Trayvon Martin case. George Zimmerman reportedly was on drugs when he stalked and killed Trayvon Martin. THC reportedly found in Trayvon Martin's system has been reported on and suggesting marijuana use of the teen is relevant to his being murdered by Zimmerman. Only NEWSONE is reporting an angle that suggests two different drugs Zimmerman was contributed to Zimmerman's aggressive behavior.