November 15, 2013

Using logic in analyzing Cannabis Legalization efforts

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Last night I heard someone who says that they are a Black person state on a radio program that cannabis legalization could perhaps lead to more Black people being arrested and terrorized because under white supremacy, they have separate rules for black people and separate rules for white people.

Lets not get it twisted; the drug war is not the root cause of the mass incarceration/re-enslavement of Black and Brown people. White Supremacy and a slave based prison economy is the root cause of it. The Drug war, specifically, the criminalization of the cannabis plant is just a tool the system uses to achieve its goal. Logic dictates that the fewer tools your enemy has to use against you the better off you will be and we will be as a people. Common sense is not common but let us not try to make sense of the illogical.

November 13, 2013

Police corruption in Philly & Cheyney University w/ Michael Coard

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Attorney/Activist Michael Coard join us on the program tonight. Michael has a long history of activism on the behalf of African descendant people and is the host of the "Radio Courtroom" heard on 900AM WURD out of Philly.

Tonight we will ask him about a number of topics including his activities against Police Brutality and Corruption in the Philly area including the news about the 53 drug related cases being dropped due to Philadelphia police drug unit misconduct. We also ask him about Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, the oldest Black institution of higher learning in the United States and charges of discrimination against it which has resulted in a drop in student enrollment and a budget deficit.
This and more tonight on Black Talk Radio News....